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Friday Drinks – The Woog Cocktail

Mr and Mrs Romance Friday Drinks - The Woog Cocktail

Far be it for us to pigeonhole people, Mrs Romance and I have decided to name a few cocktails we’ve made recently after some of our close blogging friends. Mrs Woog hardly needs an introduction, she is a force in the Australian blogging community. Never beige, Mrs Woog doesn’t shy away from controversial issues but [...]

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Three deceptively simple champagne cocktails to get the weekend started

3 deceptively simple champagne cocktail that make you want to celebrate

How good is Friday? Best day of the week, I reckon. And I have some very strong opinions on the days of the week (Tuesdays suck). It’s pretty much a rule in our house that, if it’s Friday afternoon, Mrs Romance needs a glass of champers in her hand. It’s not up for negotiation – [...]

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Interview with the Gin Queen Caroline Childerley

Mr and Mrs Romance - Negroni

‘Three parts woman, one part gin.’ That’s how the Gin Queen Caroline Childerley describes herself. Pretty cool, isn’t it? It’s the Gin Queen who introduced us to some of the incredible domestic gin being produced by craft distillers in Australia. Mrs Romance and I attended Caroline’s inaugural gin masterclass in Melbourne recently. It inspired us [...]

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Friday Drinks: Australian Craft Gins

Mr & Mrs Romance - Friday Drinks - Aussie gin Title

The first we heard of Australian-made gin was when our friend the lovely Caroline Childerley – officially The Gin Queen – told us about Four Pillars Gin coming for their first launch in Sydney. It was great to meet Cam and the guys from Four Pillars, and their gin really is exceptional. If you’ve had [...]

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Friday Drinks: DIY Dishwasher Vodka

Mr and Mrs Romance - How to make dishwasher vodka

As you may know, we love our cocktails and high-end spirits. There’s nothing better than sampling an expensive champagne or sipping an XO cognac, but we also love experimenting with recipes at home. This has led to us investigate the strange moonshine-esque practice of ‘dishwasher vodka’. When we first spotted it in the paper, we [...]

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Friday drinks: Zeta Bar’s Arabian Nights and cocktails


Zeta Bar at the top of the Hilton Sydney has always been a pretty damn fine bar. Its outlook over the beautiful Queen Victoria Building and down into the pulsing soul of the city is enticing and glamorous. From Valentine’s Day, ’14 Zeta is embracing the romance of the exotic. Their Arabian Nights theme, which [...]

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Friday Drinks: the Aussie Sailor – Our Australia Day Cocktail

An Aussie beer cocktail by Mr and Mrs Romance

Drinking beer on Australia Day is about as Australian as you can get. It’s the best way to celebrate our national day, but that doesn’t mean you have to drink beer and forsake all other beverages. I first heard of a beer cocktail a year or two ago in a rooftop bar in Sydney. Initially, [...]

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Festive Cocktail Recipe: Citrus Iced Tea Punch

Mr and Mrs Romance - 1 Festive citrus iced tea cocktail recipe copy

If you’re looking for something you can take round to friends or family to wait for Santa this Christmas, we’ve got just the thing. Our Citrus Iced Tea Punch is a winner – especially if – like us – you’re gearing up for a hot Christmas. This punch is so refreshing, it’s perfect for making [...]

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Friday Drinks: Manly Wine, Manly

Mr and Mrs Romance - Drinks at Manly Wine

In my books, Sydney’s all about the sun, the sea and a good swig from a glass. That’s what I was expecting anyway, a bit under 14 years ago when I first reached these eastern shores. So far, I’ve been pretty happy – and now, I’m even happier! Thanks to an unintentional tip-off from a [...]

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A Punch in the Head – Cocktail Romance with Crystal Head Vodka

Mr and Mrs Romance - Crystal Skull Vodka cocktails

Skulls. Cultures have used them symbolically throughout the ages. They can represent strength, wisdom and guidance, and survival through a difficult time. It’s probably why Dan Aykroyd chose it to be the shape of his own brand of vodka – Crystal Head. The glass skull bottle just about the coolest thing ever, designed with the [...]

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