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Mr & Mrs Romance is more than just us. It’s a brilliant community that loves food, travel and finding out about the latest and greatest.


If your brand, product, bar or restaurant is a good fit for the Mr and Mrs Romance audience, we’d love to hear from you. We do accept products and attend events but note this does not guarantee coverage on our website. Only the best items that we think our readers will love will be featured on our pages. We always give honest reviews.

It’s best to contact us first so shoot Jim an email at


Travel is one of our passions and we love to showcase new destinations to our readers. We travel frequently and have also worked with several tourism boards and companies to share our unique take on where our readers should next go on holiday. For famil opportunities please contact Jim at


If you are interested in partnering with Mr and Mrs Romance to get your product, destination or message out to an engaged readership through sponsorships and ambassadorships please contact Jim at We love creating new and unique content for your brand that will appeal to our readers.


As well as blogging at Mr & Mrs Romance, Christina has created two more amazing sites Hair Romance and Nail Romance. She has spoken at international conferences about the business of blogging, using social media to grow your business and the power of visual storytelling. Contact to have Christina present at your next event.


As well as sharing his love of words here, Jim is a freelance copywriter, proofreader and editor. He also has an encyclopaedic knowledge of grammar and his work spans a wide range of subject areas. Get in touch with Jim at to discuss your next project.


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