Take a Hint – our Christmas gift guide for men

Sometimes Christmas gift ideas come so easily. Other times you need a bit of help. We’ve put together another amazing free gift magazine to help you this festive season: Hint Gift Guide for Men.

Download your free copy of Hint Magazine here for some of the best gift ideas for him you’ll find.

Hint Magazine is a downloadable PDF, so just click here to view it and save it – you can even forward it on to the important people concerned if you know what I mean.

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Is it me or has Christmas come round much faster than normal? This year seems to have whizzed by at jet speed anyway, and I just wonder if Santa’s had his turbos fitted to his sleigh in time.

Even if St Nick isn’t ready, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be… apart from knowing what to buy him for a present.

Hint Christmas gift guide - Stone Pine brandy liqueur

From booze and books to handmade belts and sand-proof beach towels, this Hint gift guide has it all!

Hint Christmas gift guide - Buckle 1922 belt

Like last year (but better), our Hint Christmas gift guide is full of great ideas that the man in your life will love. We’ve also shared some insights into what Christmas is really about these days and also some excellent recipes for the party season.

Organised into 4 main categories – Drinker, Thinker, Traveller and Happy-at-Home – there’s bound to be something within these digital pages that’ll be perfect under the tree.

Download your free copy of Hint Magazine here.

You might also like to see last year’s edition – the ideas in there are still good. After all, we men don’t like to change too much! Click here to get Hint Magazine 2017.

Why is Hint for men only?

Actually, Hint Magazine is for anyone. It’s not just for men. However, most of the gift ideas here are things I’d really like to receive for Christmas (I hope Christina’s reading this!) so, being a bloke, I decided to write about what I know.

After we put this gift guide together, Christina turned to me and said: “y’know, I wouldn’t mind getting most of these things for Christmas.”

So, Hint Magazine’s not just for men, it’s just written by one.

We hope that you enjoy this year’s Hint and that you have a lovely Christmas.

Cheers – Jim & Christina xx

Hint Christmas gift guide

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