Christmas gift guide for men

If you’re still yet to buy for the man in your life this Christmas, help is at hand. Here is my Christmas gift guide for men – a top 10 run down of what we like to have waiting for us under the Christmas tree.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Best Christmas Gift Guide for Men

I didn’t realise until recently, but we men are apparently quite hard to buy for. Whether it’s Christmas time or a birthday treat, us blokes make it as hard as possible for people to give us stuff!

After discovering this revelation, I’ve put together a few things I really like getting and some other things that will hopefully inspire a shopping spree.

If you’re a fellow fella and you want to point the missus in the right direction, just text her the URL to this post! Bingo.

Christmas gift guide for men


As a general rule, us blokes enjoy receiving alcohol. Even if he’s not a big drinker, a guy will like having something in the cupboard to pull out when friends are over.

If he doesn’t have a favourite tipple or if you’re not sure, go for something manly. Scotch, an interesting selection of craft beers or even a cool subscription concept like this, cognac, a good red wine – these won’t miss the spot.

I love these gift sets of Remy Martin VSOP cognac and Cointreau Noir (a blend of Cointreau and cognac).


And don’t forget to check out our boozy Christmas gift guide for more ideas.

4×4 driving experiences

I’m not much of a rev-head and know very little about cars. However, off-roading is something I’m very keen on. I’ve only done it a couple of times and it’s awesome.

4WD Course with Australian Offroad Academy

The Australian Offroad Academy has multiple training sites along the East Coast of Australia. The one on their home turf – Fraser Island – is amazing. You can get gift certificates or just book up direct.

Alternatively check out companies like Red Balloon.

Wallets and watches

We were in a shop near Christmas once and heard two ladies talking about presents. One of them announced: “You should buy him a wallet. No one ever buys wallets for themselves. You get them as gifts.”

Absolutely true.

If your man wears a watch, there are some really beautiful pieces out there. I love my Jord. It’s made almost completely out of wood (apart from the mechanism and clasp) and is even self-winding. Check out the range here.

Mr & Mrs Romance - unique gifts for Father's Day - Jord watch Mr & Mrs Romance - unique gifts for Father's Day - Jord watch

Male grooming products

It can be hard to choose a new skin or hair care product for a man. They might be the least fussy about what they use until they use the wrong one.

Uppercut Deluxe make a beautiful range of men’s grooming products that venture to bring back styling from the good old days.

Uppercut Deluxe have a range of gift sets that cover a range of different levels. They even make an excellent travel set small enough to fit in hand luggage.


We’ve also written a lot about different men’s skincare products here. Check out our pre-shave ritual product rundown, our 17 shaving tips for men and 4 different product types for a perfect shave.


Think beyond magazine and newspaper subscriptions (though he might like one of these too!). There are some really cool concepts out there for product subscriptions.

Everything from a monthly underwear delivery to a box of nerd stuff coming to his door every 30 days, there are loads of subscriptions to consider.


My favourites are the Beer Days’ monthly box that sends you a range of rare and exotic Aussie craft beers each month, and Secret Bottle, which sends test tube tasters from tiny Australian wineries. Some of these guys are so small they don’t even have a cellar door.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Fathers Day gift idea - Beer Days gift boxMr and Mrs Romance - Foodie Finds - Secret Bottle Wines


Never be afraid to buy your man T-shirts. We can’t get enough of them. I also love getting plain polo tops too. They’re so handy.

If you’re not sure if he’ll like the tops, keep the receipts and don’t take it too hard if he doesn’t like them. We can be very picky sometimes.

Socks are actually fine – just don’t make them the main present!


I was genuinely surprised when one of my mates said he liked getting tools for Christmas. He doesn’t seem particularly handy, but getting a power tool for Christmas is a joy to him.

If you’re not sure what your man’s garage is missing, you can get him gift certificates for hardware stores that he’ll be able to spend at will.



Why not get him tickets to his favourite team? Or even a national game? Or if you really want to go all out, how about a season ticket?

Alternatively, if he’s a film buff, what about some movie tickets – Gold Class of course!

Barbecues and barbecue stuff

It’s such a part of the Australian dream, isn’t it? Fire up that barbie, stand in the boiling sun and cook up a storm (or burn everything if you’re my dad).

If this is his thing, get him BBQ tools or a good meat rub like Owen’s BBQ Tatonka Dust. If you’re really keen, get him a Yoder Smoker. These are incredible ‘low and slow’ smoking machines that make the most amazing food.

Any hobbies?

Of course, if he has any hobbies, this is a great place to start. I asked my mum what my dad wants for Christmas. Once again she’s come back with a list of fishing stuff. It’s as easy as that.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

If you’re looking for more men’s gift ideas, check out our posts like this one for Father’s Day, this older but even more comprehensive Christmas gift one and this last-minute men’s gift idea post.

And if you’re wondering what about presents for the ladies, here’s Mrs Romance’s ideas for what to buy her too!

Do you have any genius ideas of what men want for Christmas? Tell us in the comments!

Images by Mr & Mrs Romance.


  • Reply January 5, 2017


    A watch makes a great gift but it is always getting some idea of what design type and brand before buying something as there is nothing worse than buying a watch or any gift that someone will not like and end up not using. Some great suggestions on the list, really helpful.

    • Reply January 5, 2017

      Mr Romance

      You’re absolutely right, Craig. Nothing worse than seeing the person’s face drop when they open their present and hate what’s inside! I always keep the sales dockets for about a month after Christmas I’m that paranoid about not getting the gift right!
      Thanks for dropping by – Jim

  • Reply January 14, 2017


    Gold Class Movie Tickets – Ugh! Absolute Bliss! …My partner and i saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on New Years Day (evening) after all the alcohol had settled (ahem) from the night before… It was a great little treat for both of us. Not over the top price-wise

    Booze, well that’s another story LOL! Don’t get me started. With Summer comes beach, barbeques, booze .

    Great Article! Keep up the great work

    • Reply January 15, 2017

      Mr Romance

      Hi Laurence. Yes, those Gold Class seats are pretty sweet, aren’t they. You have to make sure you’re seeing a food movie though or those seats will send you right off!
      Here’s to the start of summer, and beach, bbq and booze fun!
      Cheers – Jim

  • Reply February 5, 2017


    Well holidays are over but you ladies can always get ready for the next! I know my spouse did some snooping on me before buying my gifts last Christmas. conveniently for her, she got me signed up to amazon to create a wishlist. It was like a good ol’ letter to Santa on all the toys I wanted without having to hand it over to mom. Elfster is also another cool app. It is basically a registry for all your friends and family to see all things you put on your wistlist. If someone buys it, it will be removed – so no worries about getting 4 aquariums when you only need one (crazy talk, right?)

    • Reply February 5, 2017

      Mr Romance

      Lol! Yes, quite crazy, Jesse, but thanks for the tip. Elfster actually sounds like a great idea. Like you said, it sounds a bit like a wedding registry but for Christmas. Will check it out. Cheers – Jim

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