5 winter reds from South Australia – which Aussie wines to drink over winter

Wine is always about when and where you’ll be when you drink it. While the sun’s still taking her time to warm up the day and then in a hurry to hit the hay, our pick of South Australian winter reds will help you choose your next bottle and keep you warm at night.

Aussie winter reds - Australian wine from South Australia

As you stand in the bottleshop staring at the rows and rows of labels, it’s helps to have some context in mind before you reach out. When it comes to winter, we’re looking for warm reds, full of body, and that go well with hearty meals and a snuggle.

For us, there’s nothing better than cooking up something comfy like this lamb shoulder or a delicious curry like this vindaloo, cracking a bottle of red and bunkering down for the night.

The romance of squashing up on the sofa, sharing a bottle and watching something good on TV while it gets cold outside is one of our favourite things.

Aussie winter reds - Australian wine from South Australia

South Australia arguably makes some of the finest red wine in the world. Our pick of 5 SA winter reds shows off what the likes of the Barossa and Coonawarra can do.

These 5 winter reds are sure to see you through the final chilly months before spring.

5 winter reds from South Australia

2016 Colonel & Merchant – Barossa Shiraz

Full-bodied and great value, this Barossa Shiraz is perfect for that quiet night in when you’ve got nothing else to do but relax, enjoy each other’s company and maybe a platter for 2. $10 at BWS

2014 Craftsman Style Series – Cabernet Sauvignon

The label says ‘rich and smooth’ and that’s pretty much the deal with this Coonawarra red. It’s full-bodied and has plenty of dark fruit, yet has a beautiful tannin structure, which makes this wine dangerously easy to drink. This number is punching way above its weight in the price department. This is definitely one we’d buy again. $15 at BWS

2015 Krondorf Barossa – Shiraz

Blackberries and currants with an oaky spice and firm tannins make this wine a classic Barossa beauty. If you’re thinking about cooking a roast, a bottle of Krondorf is almost obligatory. $17 at BWS

Aussie winter reds - Australian wine from South Australia

2016 Cat Amongst The Pigeons – Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

This classic blend of shiraz and cab sauv coupled with that Barossa level of excellence makes this a wine to remember. Spicy berry flavours, subtle oakiness and lean tannins lend this red to a winter’s evening perfectly. $20 at BSW

2011 Balthazar of the Barossa – Shiraz

A real Barossa classic, this wine displays everything you come to expect from a well-matured and well-mannered South Australian shiraz. Full of body and rich, ripe plum flavours, the wine’s sweetness is tempered by savoury notes, balanced tannins and a robust finish. $39.99 at Dan Murphy’s

Aussie winter reds - Australian wine from South Australia

Finding that perfect wine to go with an evening with plans of doing very little can be tricky. We hope this short list has helped bring context and comfort to your next choice of winter reds.

Do you have a favourite winter red you like to drink when the weather outside is freezing? Tell us in the comments.

Aussie winter reds - Australian wine from South Australia

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