3 Uber Eats hacks for fighting post-holiday blues

Coming home after fulfilling your wanderlust can be a bit of a downer. These simple Uber Eats hacks for fighting post-holiday blues are our favourite way to combat the feeling that the dream’s over.

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Uber Eats - how to fight post-holiday blues - MMR

At the end of a trip, we have to be so careful not to slip into those post-holiday blues. Christina especially suffers – almost as soon as our plane touches the tarmac.

Compared to the excitement of exploring somewhere new, coming home feels like the final punctuation to your travels.

And the last thing you want to do is hit the kitchen and start cooking. Even worse, you’ll probably have to do a dreaded supermarket run first – just the thing for your post-holiday blues and eye-reddening jetlag.

But we’ve found that – with some careful ordering on the Uber Eats app – you’ll not only avoid the shops for one more day, but also prolong those happy holiday vibes too.

Uber Eats - how to fight post-holiday blues - MMR

Uber Eats - how to fight post-holiday blues - MMR

3 ways to fight post-holiday blues with a tap of your fingers

First, make sure you’ve got the Uber Eats app for your mobile device. You can download it here – or you can use the desktop version.

1. Don’t let the holiday finish

Order food from wherever you’ve just been. One of the main reasons we love travelling so much is the experience of trying food from other cultures. It’s also one of the main things we miss once we’ve got back home.

Christina and I will spend hours reminiscing over amazing food we’ve tried from around the world.

Having some of that food arrive at your door the day you get home can keep the holiday going that much longer.

Uber Eats sushi summer rolls salad - how to fight post-holiday blues - MMR

2. Beat the travel fatigue with fresh and delicious

Aeroplane food isn’t exactly revitalising. Often saltier and stodgier than food you’d normally eat, the food you get in the air will leave you feeling bloated and even less happy about your holiday ending.

You need fresh, light, energising food, but that will mean a trip to the shops. Don’t let yourself get dragged back into real life too soon; make the food come to you!

Ordering something fresh and healthy like this poke bowl from Bowlr in Balmain, Viet summer rolls or delicious Thai salads will get you out of the glut.

Uber Eats Bowlr poke bowl - how to fight post-holiday blues - MMR

Uber Eats fresh Asian food - how to fight post-holiday blues - MMR

3. Embrace your homecoming

Sometimes all your heartache for holiday needs is a bit of homeliness. Travel and living out of a suitcase might sound romantic and exciting, but in reality it can be exhausting.

The feeling of your own bed and being back home might just be exactly what you need. Kickstart your homecoming and order from your favourite place.

Filling your first day back with homely creature comforts and things that are familiar help you realise it’s not so bad being home after all!

Check on Uber Eats to see if your favourite happy food can come to you.

Uber Eats Butter fried chicken burger fries - how to fight post-holiday blues - MMR

Uber Eats pro tips:

  • Your Uber Eats account is connected to your regular Uber profile – if you’re logged into one, the other will link up too.
  • If you’re new to Uber Eats, make sure you use our special code “dgvlf” for a discount on your first order.
  • If you want your food to arrive home at the same time you do, you can schedule it on the Uber Eats app. Or perhaps you want to eat a couple of hours after you get home but want to lock in food early. Easy.
  • What if one of you wants southern fried chicken and the other is lusting after Japanese sushi? You can order from 2 different restaurants and have the food to arrive at the same time.

Uber Eats southern fried chicken and sushi - how to fight post-holiday blues - MMR

There are lots of ways to overcome post-holiday blues, jetlag and travel fatigue, but getting the food you really want delivered to your door is the best way we can think of to start that healing process.

How do you beat the post-holiday blues? Do you have a routine you follow when you get home from travelling? What food would you order from Uber Eats after a trip? Tell us about it in the comments!

Uber Eats - how to fight post-holiday blues - MMR

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