7 Aussie stories to celebrate Australia Day

Controversial as it is, Australia Day – 26th January every year – is the nation’s honorary day. For most Aussies, it’s the chance for pens down and to spend time with the ones they love. Here are 7 of our favourite Aussie stories we want to share with you this Australia Day.

Australia Day stories - Mr & Mrs Romance

On 26th January 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip arrived at Port Jackson (aka Sydney Harbour) aboard the HMS Endeavour. It marked the start of Australia as it is today.

However, it must be recognised that the coming of westerners to Australia marked a severe change that the nation hadn’t seen for some 60,000 years, and with all my heart, I wish things had happened differently.

As it is, Australia Day – or Invasion Day – should always be remembered as a significant date in the Australian calendar.

And whether it’s with deep contemplation or quality time with family and friends that you acknowledge the date, we hope you enjoy our Aus-fest of stories from this great country.

7 Aussie stories to celebrate Australia Day

1. Australian Beach Rules – how to look like a local

If there’s one thing Australia’s famous for more than anything, it’s the beaches here. They’re stunning. And about the most Aussie place to spend Australia Day.

We’ve put together some of our best tips for not only staying safe around the beach this summer, but also some of the unwritten beach life rules no one tells you about when you first come here.

Here’s how to look like a local on an Aussie beach.

2. 9 top ways to celebrate Australia Day

We’ve already talked about hitting the beach this Australia Day, but if you’re not in a sandy frame of mind or are looking for something different, here are our top 9 ways to celebrate the nation’s day.

Australia Day party ideas.

3. Australia-themed cocktails for Australia Day

If you fancy a tipple this Australia Day, why not make it special. We’ve put together a few Australia-themed cocktails using Australian spirits and beer and a few other twists that make them uniquely Aussie.

Aussie cocktails for an Aussie day.

4. How to make the most Australian snack on earth

Cheese Macadamia Vegemite scrolls recipe - Mr & Mrs Romance

We got to thinking: what would make a very Australian snack? Of course there has to be Vegemite and tasty cheese, but it’s the macadamia nuts in these savoury scrolls that really makes this recipe fair dinkum.

They’re reasonably easy to make but impossible to say no to.

While we were at it, we decided to make this beer snack with macadamias too:

Quick bite: Eat this – the best Aussie beer snack recipe

These beer nut recipes are really easy and (somehow) make macadamias even more delicious.

Macadamia nuts are indigenous to Australia, so a bowl of these beauties roasted with the seasoning ideas we’ve shared here make the perfect thing to munch on while you’re blowing the froth of a couple this Australia Day.

5. Things to see in Australia – 9 weird rock formations

As well as everything in this country and around its waters wanting to kill and eat you, Australia has some freaky nature.

We’ve travelled a lot around Oz and one thing that’s stood out for us is the weird and wonderful rock formations.

We’ve put together 9 of our favourites. From the bulging Devil’s Marbles in the NT to the plunging Wave Rock in WA, see how Australia rocks out here.

6. 3 Australian whiskies you must try

Australian whiskies - Mr & Mrs Romance

For me personally, the best thing to come out of Australia recently is its whisky. It’s so exciting to see Aussie distilleries stepping up their game and challenging on the world stage.

If you’ve had enough beer and want something True Blue to sip on this Australia Day, why not grab a bottle of Australian whisky?

There are a surprising number of Aussie whiskies becoming available now, but here are 3 of my favourites.

7. 11 bush tucker foods you must try and where to find them

I’ve always found the idea of living off the land survivalist style fascinating and a bit terrifying. And in a country that has such a dry and seemingly inhospitable wilderness, it’s surprising how much food there is growing naturally here.

Bush tucker – two quintessentially Aussie words put together to make the uber-Aussie-ism – is quite a skill.

But it’s become so popular now to forage for native plants and use ingredients from nature that you don’t have to wander the landscape with your hessian bag harvesting your dinner. There are people who have done it for you!

Check out 11 bush tucker foods you must try and where to find them… and if you want to drink your bush tucker, get some Aussie gin. Pretty much every Australian gin is made with bush tucker botanicals!

Australia Day stories - Mr & Mrs Romance

We hope you’ve enjoyed this round up of stories to get you ready for Australia Day. If you want more of our stories about Australia – including more travel and city-specific stories – check out our library of stories about this sunburnt sea-girt country here.

What are your plans for Australia Day? Do you have an idea for a new date for our national day? Which of these 7 stories was your favourite? Tell us in the comments!

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