European Romance: Milan – Part 2

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 1 PART 2 TITLE Kisses in the sky

Milan Fashion Week has almost come to an end. Mrs Romance is tired but has enjoyed the experience. She also has some great content for Hair Romance.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 7 HR Secret garden in Milan

We begin exploring Milan a bit more, and Mrs R gets in some door-hunting too. It’s her other passion and she’s created a couple of great books of doors from around the world.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 8 Castello Sforzesco + fountain

We discover the great fountain and grounds of Castello Sforzesco – an impossible name to say, but a beautiful part of the city none-the-less. The park beyond the castle is even more stunning.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 8.1 HR MFW and some architecture

With a lot of major European cities you can find one of these arches. They’re usually around to celebrate great victories in war. Here Milan has decided to use theirs as an entrance way to a fashion show.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 9 The Galleria

Back in the city centre, the Galleria is an incredible building now used as a high-end shopping centre. It’s a bit like Sydney’s own Queen Victoria Building, just with a tonne of steroids pumped in!

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 9.1 HR Us at the Milan Duomo

Outside in the Piazza del Duomo, it’s selfie time! In the background is Milan’s duomo, the biggest medieval cathedral in the world. It’s a beautiful building and well worth a visit.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 10 inside Milan Cathedral

Inside the duomo, you get neck ache from looking up. The enormous pillars are like my Uncle Jack: incredibly thick and hold everything up. They’re much better looking than Jack though… but probably about as old!

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 11 under the Duomo

Under the cathedral is a sort of museum. It’s not that impressive but for only €2 each, it’s okay. You do get to see into some of the creepy rooms they’ve got down here though.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 12 Spritz o' clock!

We come out into bright daylight and feel the need for a spritz to revive us from the deep dungeons of the duomo. We discover a terrace bar that looks out over the piazza and is close enough to the duomo to almost touch it. For all that the bar isn’t expensive and is in fact an Aperol bar. Can’t really get better than that.

Here’s our review of Terrazza Aperol, Milan.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 13 Milan street and tram

We come across countless streets that fill our memory cards full of photos. It’s a picture perfect city.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 16 olives at the market near Cetrale

We stumble upon one Milan’s many markets. These olives look good enough to eat… which we do!

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 18 Bready animals

These bread animals look good too – though that’s all we do. At €10 a pop, we decide to put that money to better use – yes, another spritz Aperol!

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 19 closing party of MFW at the Piazza Reale

It’s the end of Milan Fashion Week and so it’s time for the closing party. This is the most amazing party setting I’ve ever seen. It’s in the Palazzo Reale – the Royal Palace. There’s a huge long table full of amazing food and three different alcohol sponsors serving wine, champagne and vodka cocktails.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 20 HR Yellow Bar Pink Car!

The day following the closing party, we walk (slowly) around the city. Mrs Romance finds this ironically parked car.

Our final (and in my opinion the best) Milanese experience is to go to an AC Milan game at the fabled San Siro Stadium – one of the world’s meccas to football. Milan play Celtic in a Champions League header. Milan win 2-0, which is just as well as we’re sitting in the AC Milan end surrounded by red and black stripes.

The atmosphere is incredible.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Europe 13 Milan - 30 on our rooftop verandah

We do allow ourselves a bit of time to relax as we hurtle around one of the world’s most stylish cities. The rooftop terrace of our hotel – Hotel Galles – is perfect for this.

We prepare ourselves for our next move: we go east for Venice.

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Images by Mr and Mrs Romance via Instagram: @MrAndMrsRomance, @HairRomance and of course @AngryBastard!

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