Where is your private heaven?

We’ve done a lot of travelling this year. It’s been crazy. Great – but crazy. While we’re still away now, it’s hard to think about life happening and carrying on back home.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Gold Coast - 1 title

I was just looking back on a few photos we’d taken while we were up the road in Queensland recently.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Gold Coast - beach 2

Looking north and south at Surfers Paradise.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Gold Coast - beach 1

What I discovered was kind of humbling. We are always on the look-out for something new, something unique, something perfect. What we sometimes forget is what we have close to us is still pretty good.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Gold Coast - surfboard

We’re the other side of the world being places, doing things, eating food and drinking drinks we’ll never be able to in Australia. But just an hour away in the Gold Coast are places like this just waiting for us.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Gold Coast - me snapping a flag

And this is the very pic I was taking on my old iPhone.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Gold Coast - my pic of the flag

It doesn’t have to be an empty beach at Surfers Paradise. It could be a field or a little woodland. A town you love or a building. It could be as simple as a favourite bench you like to sit on or a book you can lose yourself in.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Gold Coast - sunset

It’s a nice feeling to know you don’t have to go that far to find wonderment, isn’t it?

Mr & Mrs Romance - Gold Coast - us

What special place do you call your own? Tell us all about it.

Images by Mr and Mrs Romance.

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