5 wines for your Easter table

Where will you be and who will you be with this Easter? More importantly, what will you be drinking? Here are 5 wines for the Easter table no matter who you’re with or where you are.

Wine for Easter - French Pinot Noir

Choosing wine to bring to dinner is at times as hard as deciding where you should be during various public holidays. Do you do the family thing, or is it a catch-up with friends? Or can you wangle a night in with just the two of you?

Once again the Italians have the perfect expression for this kind of thing. Christina’s dad would always say:

“Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi.”

It translates as ‘Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you want.’ And if I know Sergio, he’d add at the end: “e sempre col vino.”

And always with wine.

It means it’s really up to you where you spend your Easter, but to help with your decision with the wine, here are five bottles that are the perfect Pasqua vino.

5 wines for Easter – whoever you’re with

Starting with the lightest style and moving through the gears, these wines all have plenty of flavour and go perfectly with different food you might have on dinner table this Easter.

1. State of Light Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 7%

Wine for Easter - State of Light Marlborough Suavignon Blanc 7%ABV

Trends for lower alcohol versions of drinks (the 0% beer ranges and things like Seedlip), State of Light have created a lower ABV wine.

They use special techniques to remove all alcohol from their wine, then blend full-strength wine back in to create the finished product with 7% ABV. You don’t lose the body alcohol brings to wine but at the same time, it’s less potent.

State of Light’s Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc still has the classic marks of tropical fruit and a fresh aroma of an NZ Sauv Blanc, so serving this wine with barbecue prawns, fresh ceviche or sashimi sushi, or a pomegranate chicken salad would be perfect.

Buy State of Light Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc here – $23.00 RRP

2. Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay

Wine for Easter - Robert Mondavi Pirvate Selection Chardonnay aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels

A fascinating project where small proportions of Mondavi wines are aged in spirits barrels creates a whole new flavour profile for well-known wines.

This Californian Chardonnay has had a small percentage aged in straight Kentucky bourbon barrels then re-introduced to the rest of the wine. The process adds a caramel and oak to the rich, fruity Monterey Chardonnay.

Putting this wine with a roast chicken dinner, richer pasta dishes or even cheese will work really well.

Buy Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay here – $25.00 RRP

3. Young & Co Cherry Bomb French Pinot Noir

Wine for Easter - French Pinot Noir

French Pinot Noir is seen a some of the best in the world, so this wine has big shoes to fill. It may not be as complex or structured as the high-end Pinots but the Cherry Bomb still delivers on flavour.

Still, with plenty of raspberry and black cherry flavours and balanced tannins, this is a very appealing wine. And its bottle’s extravagant artwork is a lot of fun too.

Drink this wine with a traditional dinner of roast chicken or pork – even better have it on its own.

Buy Young & Co Cherry Bomb French Pinot Noir here – $23.00 RRP

4. The Group Wine Company The Quiver McLaren Vale Grenache

Wine for Easter - The Group Wine Co The Quiver Grenache

Finally giving the unsung heroes of the wine world – the grape growers – a voice, The Group Wine Co makes wine for the wine grape farmers of South Australia. The range is superb and each varietal has a group noun as its moniker.

The Quiver Grenache (a quiver is a collection of cobras) is a well-rounded wine with fresh blossom aromas and rich yet vibrant berry flavours and a gentle peppery spice.

Its balanced fresh sweetness and spice lends this wine to richer duck dishes or even spicy Thai food. Think choo chee curry or green papaya salad.

Buy The Group Wine Co’s Quiver McLaren Vale Grenache here – $34.00 RRP

5. Young & Co The Jam McLaren Vale Shiraz

Wine for Easter - Young & Co Wines - Cherry Bomb French Pinot Noir The Jam Shiraz

Bold yet not overpowering, this South Australian Shiraz has the hallmarks of a McLaren Vale red. blackberry, plum and chocolate with a lingering oakiness and spice.

There’s plenty of body and oomph to this wine, and it’ll stand up to strong flavours of red meat well. Try a juicy roast lamb like this recipe for slow-cooked lamb shoulder with tahini sauce and a dukkah crust.

This range by Young & Co has surprised us again and again. A while back we tried the Young & Co Strawberry Hustle Rosé. The picture of the big juicy strawberry on the bottle and the wine’s bright hue made us think this would be an overly sweet rosé, but it wasn’t. It was dry and delicate – delicious.

Buy Young & Co’s The Jam McLaren Vale Shiraz here – $23.00 RRP

So now that Covid-19 restrictions are easing here in Australia and we’re allowed to visit friends and family, we have some wine recommendations perfect for the Easter table.

But if you’re not planning on moving much this long weekend, why not treat yourself to one of these beauties?

Wine for Easter

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