Will the travel industry bounce back? Our Wine & Wisdom interview with Heidi Dening

Resilience and leadership strategist, orator, writer and expert Heidi Dening interviews us live on her show Wine & Wisdom. We talk travel and the damage Covid-19 has inflicted, and what we think will happen next.

Wine & Wisdom interview - Heidi Dening asks us whether the travel industry will ever bounce back

From the moment Covid-19 made its appearance, travel has become less about what we want to do and more about resilience. In fact, a lot of things have.

But our freedom to travel at will went from being something we took for granted to something quite the opposite when the pandemic struck. And coming to terms with the difficulties of not being able to travel has created problems for many.

From airlines to taxis, from hotels to tour companies, and from weekend tourism to commissioned travel journalism – it’s all had to bend before the gale or snap.

Resilience really is a catchword.

So when the amazing Heidi Dening asked to interview us about the challenges facing the travel industry for her show Wine & Wisdom, we felt the weight of the world – stationary as it is – on us.

You can watch our interview here.

Heidi Dening – Wine & Wisdom

Heidi Dening is an inspiring public speaker, author and educator – and not to mention an award-winning business owner.

In her fortnightly FB Live show Wine & Wisdom, she interviews experts from a multitude of sectors on the overarching topics of “resilience, courage, self-leadership, wellbeing and rising above adversity.”

In our chat with Heidi, we cover a lot of topics, including whether Australia with cope without the annual influx of international visitors and if we’ll spend enough domestically, when and whether travel will go back to ‘normal’, some of our favourite travel destinations, and how we ourselves have used resilience to navigate through this crisis.

All of this, of course, accompanied by a glass of wine or two and plenty of laughs.

Wine & Wisdom interview - Heidi Dening asks us whether the travel industry will ever bounce back

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