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Food & Drink

We love eating and drinking, so don’t be surprised to find most of our stories on this page! From restaurants and cafes to home-cooked meals; from slick bars and underground drinking holes to that perfect martini at the bar of Casa de Romance – we talk about it all!

Where to lunch in Sydney CBD – Mr Tipply’s, Kent Street

Mr and Mrs Romance - Mr Tipplys Sydney review

Finding a place to have a midweek lunch in the city that will impress you and fill you up, but that won’t leave you feeling light in the pocket can be tricky in Sydney CBD. Mr Tipply’s is one of those place which seems to have found that balance. I’ve never really put much emphasis [...]

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Friday Drinks: Eau de Vie Apothecary

Mr & Mrs Romance - Friday Drinks - 1 Eau de Vie Apothecary Title

From a bar with a name like Eau de Vie Apothecary, you’d be expecting great things; great, alchemist type things that would boggle Heston Bloominhell and confound Steven Hawkins. Well, prepare for great things indeed! I remember the first time I went into the science labs at high school. The gas taps and Bunsen burners [...]

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Friday Drinks: Zeta Bar – Apres Ski for winter

Zeta Bar Apres Ski

We always love to see what interesting things the guys at Zeta Bar at the top of Hilton Sydney are going to do next. This winter’s not disappointed with ‘Apres Ski’ every Friday for the next couple of months. The last time we saw Zeta Bar transform it was to the tune of belly dancing [...]

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Home-Made Gluten-Free Granola Recipe with Quinoa and Chia Seeds

Mr and Mrs Romance - how to make easy gluten free granola

Granola is usually made with oats and other grains that contain gluten. But there is a way to make this tasty breakfast dish so that it’s safe for the celiac suffers and gluten-sensitive people among us to eat… Ever since Mrs Romance found out she was gluten intolerant, we’ve been looking around for gluten-free options [...]

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Sydney’s best brunches: Kazbah, Balmain

Mr and Mrs Romance - Kazbah Balmain review

With so many options for breakfast and lunch in Sydney, finding something that really stands out is quite an achievement. We think we’ve done just that though at Kazbah in Balmain. Angry ol’ Joe Strummer from ‘80s punk band The Clash wanted to ‘Rock the Casbah’. Perhaps that’s because the food wasn’t any good there! [...]

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Friday Drinks: Young Henrys Brewery (and distillery!), Sydney

Mr and Mrs Romance - Young Henrys Bar Newtown

Sydney’s Inner West is arguably the city’s hipster hub. And at its beardy, plaid-shirted epicentre is a brewery. Young Henrys Brewery, to be exact. A place of beer. A place of dreams! Tucked away in the backstreets of Newtown, Young Henrys has grown to be one of the pillars of the Australian craft beer industry. [...]

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Delicious Coffee Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Mr and Mrs Romance - Coffee chocolate mousse recipe

Celebrate World Chocolate Day and your love of coffee with this easy and delicious coffee choc mousse. I love food but I’m not a very adventurous cook. If there are too many ingredients or it’s going to take too long to make then I probably won’t even start. Chocolate mousse is one of my specialities. [...]

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Friday Drinks: Wine of the month – what is wine aeration and why do it?

Mr & Mrs Romance - Wine aerator 1

Until recently I never bothered decanting my wine. It was a case of how quickly can I get this stuff in my guts?! But since having met my friends the eminent Wine Saints, I’ve become more careful with what I do with my wine. You hear all the time that you’ve got to ‘let the [...]

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7 Awesome Foodie Finds

Mr and Mrs Romance - 7 Foodie finds

Finding something new, interesting and incredibly delicious to eat or drink is probably one of the most satisfying and invigorating things ever! Here are 7 new foodie finds we’ve got our teeth into. When we first thought of this post, Mrs Romance and I were working towards the elegant alliteration of ’5 Foodie Finds’. But [...]

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Friday Drinks – Styling You mocha espresso martini cocktail recipe

Mr and Mrs Romance - Mr Black Mocha Espresso Martini

Far be it for us to pigeonhole people, Mrs Romance and I have decided to name a few cocktails we’ve made recently after some of our close blogging friends. When we first started thinking of what cocktail would suit Nikki from Styling You, we went straight for a pineapple-based beverage. Nikki is bananas about pineapples! She’s [...]

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