Thailand Dreaming – things we miss most from the Land of Smiles

If ever there was a destination where the traveller’s spoilt for choice, it’s Thailand. So while we’re busy missing Thailand, we thought we’d share some of our favourite things about this beautiful destination.

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Missing Thailand - favourite places to go and things to do

Your longest lasting travel memories grow roots early. They start before you arrive, before you book a ticket or even before you pack your bags.

They come from the seed of your own plans and ideas when first think about your new destination.

So here’s some travel inspiration to create those memories that will stay with you forever.

With so many incredible things to see and do in Thailand, it’s easy to miss the best bits. This is our highlights reel of what we miss most about the Land of Smiles.

We’ve also written a story for Amazing Thailand on 10 Reasons Why Thailand is Our Top Romantic Destination that goes into more detail.

Missing Thailand - favourite places to go and things to do - beach recliners

But here are some more of our favourite parts of this wonderful place to visit. Even if you can’t travel there right now, keep this list handy and use it for inspiration for when the time is right… or even for a bit of armchair travel!

Thailand travel inspiration – things you shouldn’t miss when you visit Thailand

Whether it’s a tucked-away oasis in the heart of Bangkok like the Hua Chang Heritage Hotel or the extravagant luxury of a beachfront resort like the Sala Resort and Spa in Phuket, Thais really know how to do hotels and hospitality.

And there are so many amazing places to stay in Thailand.

We also love these hotels we’ve stayed in over the years:

Hotels on the beach:

Aleenta Hua Hin
Aleenta Phuket
Thavorn Beach Village Resort

Hotels in Bangkok.

Riva Surya Bangkok
Well Hotel Bangkok
Centara Grand at Centralworld Bangkok

Missing Thailand - favourite places to go and things to do - Riva Surya

Other cities in Thailand

Of course, Thailand is much more than beaches and Bangkok. We also loved visiting the mountains and the northern city of Chiang Mai. You can see our Essential Guide to Chiang Mai here.

And let’s not forget that Bangkok hasn’t always been the capital of Thailand. One of the most incredible places for history and culture in Thailand is the ancient ruined city of Ayutthaya, and you can find our Essential Guide for Ayutthaya here.

Missing Thailand - favourite places to go and things to do - Ayutthaya

Down in the south of Thailand, the beaches are a huge drawcard – and understandably so. The coast around the Gulf of Thailand is truly remarkable, as you can see from our story about island-hopping around Krabi.

But there is also an incredible amount of culture in the south as well. Check out what you can experience just off Krabi’s busy tourist streets on the mangrove island of Koh Klang.

Food experiences

Of course, you can’t talk about Thailand without mentioning the food. It’s everywhere in Thailand and everywhere it’s good. But especially so, our experience learning to cook our own food in the Bangkok Flower Market was something we’ll always remember.

Missing Thailand - favourite places to go and things to do - Bangkok Flower Market

And let’s not forget the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of the Dragon Road – Bangkok’s Chinatown.

Romantic Thailand

Apart from our list of reasons why we think Thailand is the most romantic destination, which you can find here, we’ve also created the perfect romantic itinerary for a honeymoon in Thailand!

Competition time!

We’re working with the Tourism Authority of Thailand here in Sydney to create a fun (yet romantic) competition for you to take part in.

The prize is a beautiful Natio romance candle and a set of cute his-and-hers pillowcases that Amazing Thailand will send the lucky winner.

To take part (Australian residents only, please), check out our Instagram post here.

More Thai travel inspo

We also like to keep the dream of being back in Thailand alive and to keep up to date with what’s happening there via Amazing Thailand’s blog.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has lots of amazing guest writers contribute all the time – as well as local knowledge from their lovely staff, so there are always new fascinating stories going up.

Missing Thailand - favourite places to go and things to do - Chiang Mai

Here are some of our favourites:

Travelling Thailand Page by Page for some more great reading materials on this beautiful destination
Thailand’s 10 best beaches
Islands in the Dream about the best island in the Gulf of Thailand
The Best Rooftop Bars in Bangkok
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Missing Thailand - favourite places to go and things to do - us

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