Getting ready for Autumn

This week sees the end of the summer and the start of warmer clothes.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta Diary - 1 Sydney Harbour in the morning

I’m optimistic though – it means I can soon start pulling out the winter recipes like lamb shanks and slow-cook curries. Got to love that comfort food.

Today though, Mrs Romance is happy with the start to her day with a run down to the harbour. Looking good, Sydney!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta Diary - 2 Mrs R at the Freedom launch

While I’m slaving away, Mrs R goes to the new Freedom homewares product launch. They’ve got a poet in for the event and he writes Mrs R an ode to romance.

‘Free to roam

Through my heart

Tickle my lips

Touch my cheek

Romance begins 

Then flies to Freedom.’

Very nice.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta Diary - 3 Mrs R at the Freedom launch bedroom

Some of the stuff Freedom has in its Autumn range is also very nice and has Mrs R drooling. She particularly likes the copper lamp on the night stand and the range of throws and blankets Freedom are bringing out.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta Diary - 4 Scott and Luke at their book launch

Tonight we are guests of TV celebrity chefs and fitness nuts Scott and Luke. First to fame as finalists in the cooking show My Kitchen Rules, these guys are powerhouses in the clean-living, clean-eating food line.

They’re hosting us tonight to show what food you can eat that’s not only paleo – their food standpoint – but also delicious. They serve up some amazing pork in soft tacos with guacamole and tomato salsa. Then Luke shows us the diary-free and gluten-free coconut choc fudge. It’s a work of art.

These recipes are available in their new book the ‘Clean Living Cookbook’, which is a sequel to their first cookbook, which shared its pages with some exercise routines. The first book was a 3-week healthy lifestyle plan whereas this new one has only recipes. Looking forward to giving some of them a go.

Scott and Luke are great guys, and as a promotion for their latest project, we’ll be giving away a copy of their latest book soon. So watch this space!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta Diary - 5 Stop! Sushi Time!

I know it’s not paleo, but this sushi lunch is exactly what I need this afternoon. Mrs Romance is a star and has picked up some of my favourites like the salmon and avo handrolls , the prawn tempura and the chicken katsu with avo. Yum!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta Diary - 6 Coffee. Need coffee!

Today’s going to be pretty busy, so we pop round the local cafe for a strong flat white. I love the little treats they give you with your coffee here – especially because Mrs R doesn’t like them, so I get two!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta Diary - 7 classic bike at Deus Cafe

I have a meeting at the Deus Cafe in Camperdown today. I’ve never been here before so after the meeting I have a look round the shop connected to the cafe. There are some cool bikes in here, including this old Indian classic. These (and Harleys and Triumphs of course) were the bike of choice amongst the original Hell’s Angels in the States.

I can’t be trusted on a motorbike, so I’ve promised never to own one, but walking round this shop makes me want one all the same. The clothes they’ve got here are cool too. With a colossal show of will power, I keep my credit card in my wallet.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta Diary - 8 caught in the act. Tim Tam Slam post

On today, we talk about how to do a Tim Tam Slam. It’s one of the most delicious things to eat the world has ever produced. So good in fact, Mrs R has created a GIF of me eating one in the grips of Tim Tam ecstasy!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta Diary - 9 brekky

Breakfast this morning is… pretty darn good. The guys at Two Good Eggs cook up this – a hash brown, avocado, grilled chorizo, two poached eggs and a tomato salsa stack. Happy? I certainly am!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta Diary - 10 DIY dishwasher vodka

It’s Friday! And our Friday Drinks post this week features dishwasher vodka. It sounds dirty and wrong, but it’s not what you’re thinking. We merely harness the heat and power of the dishwasher to melt and combine flavoured lollies with vodka to create unique or classic flavours like limoncello or butterscotch schnapps!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta Diary - 11 pre-Mardi Gras

Sydney Mardi Gras parade is today. It’s always fun to see the different groups getting ready to march. The Surf Lifesavers are at the top of the park as we head to our friends’ house for a party. It should be a good night.

(Just so you know, it was a very good night – we didn’t get up till the early afternoon the next day! – Ed.)

How did you spend the Mardi Gras weekend?

Images by Mr and Mrs Romance via Instagram: @MrAndMrsRomance, @HairRomance and of course @AngryBastard!


  • We celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Saturday! We had a fantastic 7 course degustation with matching wines at a restaurant called Celsius on Gouger Street here in Adelaide. We then had a cocktail at a very cool place called The Loft Wine Bar. We were home by 10pm – what rockstars! We had a nightcap and watched our wedding video followed by the footage we took while on our honeymoon.

    • Reply March 6, 2014

      Mr Romance

      Hey Sonia! Congrats again on your anniversary! Sounds like you lovebirds had a great night. I do love a degustation dinner! Will have to check it out next time we’re down in SA.
      There’s nothing wrong with a 10pm bedtime – it’s what nightcaps were made for! And what a way to do it – watching your wedding vid. We love watching ours (we have it on loop playing 24-7 – just kidding) and we pop it on every now and then. It’s nice to listen to the speeches – especially Christina’s dad, bless him.

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