A wet week, a new book and fun weekend

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 0 title

Rain is pelting the windows and Sydney looks unseasonably glum. It feels a bit ironic as I work on our next post about Australian beach life and how to fit in with the locals.

We start getting cabin fever so we make a mad dash for the nearest cafe and some perspective. I don’t find any of that, but I do have a nice coffee!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 1 Coffee time!

Finally, we see a bit of blue sky. We head to the Clock Hotel in Surry Hills for a well-deserved (well I think it’s well-deserved) beer and a catch-up with our new friend Paul from MrAristotle.com.

As we chat and watch the street from the Clock’s balcony, we notice how happy everyone else is now that it’s stopped raining (for now). Crown Street’s even busier than usual – perfect conditions for people-watching!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 2 Beer O' Clock

There’s nothing like talking about the last holiday you had, is there? We had a great time on our staycation in Pyrmont last week. It’s amazing how just one night in a different bed can make you feel like you’ve had a week away somewhere.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 3 memories of our staycation

At last the weather’s looking up and Sydney’s got her shine back on. Even the CBD looks pretty as I trudge off to the office.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 4 Sydney in the sun finally

These trees always catch my eye this time of year. There are about three of them in Hyde Park in Sydney. No idea what they’re called but they’re a lovely punctuation among the greens and greys of all the eucalypts.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 5 nice tree in Hyde Park

Best news of all, Mrs Romance’s first hard-copy book Braids, Buns and Twists is available to buy now! She’s worked really hard on this project and we’re all very proud of her. Go to HairRomance.com for more details, or click here or on the picture to head over to Amazon to buy it!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 6 HR 1 Braids,Buns and Twists is out now.

So it’s over the Bridge this afternoon to have dinner with the in-laws. It’s not often that I find myself crossing the Harbour Bridge, but when I do, I’m always impressed with how pretty it is.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 6 Harbour Bridge always looks good

Dinner is Korean all-you-can-eat barbeque. That’s my kind of dinner – more meat that you can shake a knife at and enough garlicky kimchi to kill off a million vampires. This one’s in Carlingford – called Se Jong. There’s no website but its street address is 101/821 Pennant Hills Road. Well worth a visit.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 7 Korean BBQ in Carlingford

The weekend’s lining up to be another wet one. It’s certainly a soggy night that we head out to our friend Max’s 70th birthday party. The party’s in town at an exclusive club. Reception’s in an amazing private library and the dinner is in this incredible banquet room.

It’s a great night – the food, drink and company are all perfect. Happy birthday, Max!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 8 banquet table for Max' birthday

We head to a rooftop market and bar courtesy of The Office Space, who’ve designed this very cool little spot on the rooftops of Surry Hills. It’s the perfect place to chill out and enjoy a quick bottle of cider… if you can walk past my favourite pub the Royal Albert Hotel of course. Good luck – I never usually can!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 9 rooftop market and bar in Surry Hills

Our trip over to Manly Beach is very welcome. We’re taking photos of the Sydney pubs our friends, who’ve moved back to California, liked the most. Thankfully the pubs they liked are in some great places!

Manly Beach is busy today. The beach volleyball courts are full and there’s not a lot of spare sand around. And that’s no surprise – it’s a perfect day here!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 10 Manly Beach

We find the place our friends like. Turns out we quite like it too! Manly Wine has a great vibe. It’s part of the same group as King Street Wharf’s Bungalow 8 and the Winery in Surry Hills.

It’s so good, in fact, we stop for a bit of late lunch. Mrs Romance has a delicious chicken and avocado salad and a glass of Italian pinot grigio. I go have a pretty good cheeseburger. The chips look a bit pale and saltless, but they’re surprisingly crunchy and delicious! My glass of riesling is perfect!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 11 Manly Wine cheeseburger

We drive back to the city then head to Bondi for two more pubs. In the North Bondi RSL car park I spot this. I’m so impressed – I mean it’s the real B4TMOB1LE! :-[

How anyone can do something like this to a Lamborghini is a mystery to me. It’s like putting a fluffy pink collar on a rottweiler!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 12 AB Batman! Lol!

Back at home, our Sunday wine-down commences. We get into a bottle of Italian white. It’s delicious, and just right for this warm Sydney evening.

We bought this one from our friends at Direct Wine Cellars, who specialise in Italian wines. They also do an international beer range too.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram diary - MM 13 Sunday wine down

Here’s to a good week, everyone. Have you got anything good planned? Tell us about it in the comments!

Images by Mr and Mrs Romance via Instagram: @MrAndMrsRomance, @HairRomance and of course @AngryBastard!


  • Reply November 25, 2013


    Congratulations on the book, Christina! As you know, I was beyond excited to see that Taylor Sterling of The Glitter Guide had posted a photo of your book on Instagram – so I shared it on every social media platform I could think of!
    That wafer biscuit in your coffee took me all the way back to my childhood – love ’em!
    We spent most of this weekend working on our house (huge To Do list to get done before Christmas Day). On Sunday arvo we had friends over for Happy Hour(s) at our place – cheese platter, sunshine, tunes and a great sparkling pinot noir (Barrister’s Block ‘Poetic Justice’). A nice way to end the weekend!

    • Reply November 28, 2013

      Mr Romance

      Those wafer biccies are delicious, Sonia. I was at this same cafe a while ago when a woman also waiting for her take-aways thought my order was hers. She just reached across me and plucked my wafer off the take-away lid of my strong flat white and was just about to pop it in her mouth when I mentioned those coffees might me mine.
      Very embarrassed, she put the wafer back on the coffee lid… the question is, Sonia, do you then come across as particular and ask for a new biscuit or eat the one that’s been fondled?
      Thanks for the tip for the pinot noir – always looking for a good sparkling red. We enjoy the occasional Katnook sparkling Shiraz, but if the Barrister’s Block’s good enough for y’man in an empty pool, it’s good enough for me!
      Christina says thank you for spruiking her glory, by the way! She’s very excited – in spite of her Mac giving her a headache – hence me playing messenger! Jx

    • Reply November 29, 2013

      Mrs Romance

      Thanks Sonia!! I squealed when I saw your pic 🙂

  • A big congratulations on the book Christina! I’m off to buy a copy and can’t wait to do something creative with my hair which I usually wear in the same style all the time 😛

    • Reply November 29, 2013

      Mrs Romance

      Thanks so much Lorraine! Nothing wrong with a signature style btw x

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