How to take a Hint – our guide to Christmas gifting

With December 25 looming, we all face the annual challenge of finding something special for the one we love. Here are some tricks to find out what they want plus the latest edition of our Christmas gift guide: Hint.

Christmas gift guide - how to take a Hint

As we contemplate climbing up into the loft or getting into that dusty corner of the garage to haul out the box of Christmas decorations, it’s often easy to forget that this time of year is really a lot of fun.

After all the stress and effort we put into getting everyone together, making sure there’s enough food and thinking of ways to stop everyone from arguing, the happiness Christmas brings is worth it.

But let’s talk about the most important part: presents!

Check out this year’s Hint Magazine for gift ideas

View or download this year’s edition of our Hint gift guide magazine here for free:

Full of gift ideas, articles and beautiful images, this guide will help with your Christmas buying and will get you in the mood for some festive fun!

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Expand on the usual

Some years, Christina and I are at a loss as to what to get each other. We often feel like the fall-backs we rely on (Scotch for me, perfume for her) is a little weak and half-baked – not that I’m ever unhappy with Scotch!

Sometimes, it just requires thinking around those staple gifts to make them a bit more special.

Christina will find an unusual whisky I haven’t tried before like this beautiful Scotch from Bladnoch – the most southern Scotch distillery in the world (and the first one to be owned by an Aussie) or this American single malt from Westward.

I know that Christina loves Natio products, so perhaps she’ll enjoy their Wild Flower perfume.

Christmas gift guide - Bladnoch Scotch

Christmas gift guide - Westward wiskey

Christmas gift guide - Natio perfume

Don’t fear the gift set

This time of year, brands love bringing out gift sets that are not only great value but also bring the best of what they sell together – and who doesn’t love getting more than one thing in a box?

I’m kind of overwhelmed and in love with Manscaped products and their grooming kits – especially this collection they call the Performance Package is awesome.

You can get a 20% discount and free shipping if you use our special code ‘MRANDMRSROMANCE’.

I also love ESK’s men’s skincare kit you should check out.

I know that Christina loves Australian gin, so this beautiful ‘Especially For You’ Christmas pack from Nip of Courage that includes a bottle of Imbue gin from Victoria and a professional multi-level jigger will go down a treat.

Christmas gift guide - Manscaped Performance Package

Christmas gift guide - Imbue gin Nip of Courage

Can you eat it, drink it or wear it?

People love ‘immediate’ gifts. If they can consume it or put it on straight away, that’s gold. Things like these beautiful chocolate bars from Curiosity Chocolates – a little handmade choc company in Jindabyne – will win, as will a box of delicious Christmas goodies fresh from Baked by Keiran.

For something to wear, you can really splash out with something like these incredible Swiss watches from Rado!

Christmas gift guide - Curiosity chocolates

Christmas gift guide - Baked by Keiran bakery hamper

Christmas gift guide - Rado watches

Books always work

When everything’s settled down and we’re all digesting Christmas dinner, a good book to nose into is perfect. And this time of year there are so many new books being released.

We’ve got a whole list of great reads in our latest gift guide for you to have a look through. Check it out here.

Christmas gift guide - books

Gift guides are there to inspire you!

All of the things we’ve mentioned here (and so much more) are all in our latest edition of Hint Magazine.

Click here for your free copy of Hint 2020

We’ve got ideas for everything – from cosmetics to food, travel to homewares. Leaf through its digital pages for inspiration for what to get your significant other.

And if there’s something in here you might like, there’s nothing wrong with pointing them to the page – believe me, they’ll appreciate the help!

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and that these tips and our gift guide (we’re very proud of it) helps you find something special for your someone special.


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