10 skincare products to keep you looking fresh and healthy

Looking after your skin and hair isn’t just about your appearance. But here are 10 products that will also help you stay healthy and looking great at the same time. They also make killer gifts for the one you love.

Cosmetics gift ideas

It’s easy to forget the fact that your skin is your body’s biggest organ and it has a multitude of functions. From keeping bacteria out of our bloodstream to helping to maintain our temperature, it does a lot.

When you put it in this perspective, the importance of skincare and health is obvious, isn’t it.

Perfect for Christmas presents, but also year-round solid gift ideas, we’ve put together a list of products and tools for women and men that will help keep our skin healthy and make it look good at the same time.

Skincare for Christmas

These beautiful cosmetics are part of Hint – our gift guide with lots more inspiration for present-buying this Christmas. You can find the whole story here or flick through the virtual magazine below.

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1. E.S.K – Men’s Anti Ageing Kit

ESK for men - Cosmetics gift ideas

Developed by Australian doctors, dermatologists and scientists, E.S.K provides effective skincare products that deal with the harsh climates of this country.

This Anti Ageing Kit’s cleanser, zinc moisturiser, serum, evening cream not only feel like luxury spa treatments, they’re also designed to work on men’s skin, which tends to be thicker and rougher than women’s.

$288.00 RRP

2. Natio gift sets

Natio - Cosmetics gift ideas

A family-owned Australian beauty-care brand, Natio is focused using on natural, plant-based products. These two gift sets for him and her are perfect stocking fillers or an extra gift.

Each set has a gentle, nourishing SPF 50+ face moisturiser and elegant proprietary au de toilette fragrance.

Wild Ranges is masculine, rich and earthy, while Wild Flowers is delicate, floral and graceful.

$29.95 RRP per gift set

Natio gift sets - Cosmetics gift ideas

3. Micro Glow

Melbourne-based and female-owned, Micro Glow is a new brand to watch. This innovative skincare brand pioneered derma rollers at home. These rollers have 540 tiny medical-grade titanium needles which promote circulation and exfoliation.

Microglow - Cosmetics gift ideas

Their post-roll Skin Elixir will leave your skin glowing – it’s actually the best skin oil I’ve ever used.

$50.00 RRP

4. Manscaped

Addressed with good humour, Manscaped impresses the importance for men to maintain their skin health… especially ‘downstairs’.

Manscaped Performance Package - Cosmetics gift ideas

The Performance Package Kit covers trimming, skincare and storage needs while also maintaining a reassuring perspective and seeing the funny side in it all.

The kit contains:
The Lawn Mower – a clipper for the short n curlies with a purpose-built ceramic head which doesn’t heat up
The Weed Whacker – the cure for those too-painful-to-tweeze nose hairs
The Crop Reviver and Crop Preserver – ‘ball toner’ and ‘ball deodorant’ respectively
– A pair of chafe-proof boxers
And The Shed – a convenient washbag where you can stash all these goodies.

Manscaped - Cosmetics gift ideas

Other products from Manscaped include Crop Mop wipes – refreshing ball wipes ($14.95), the Foot Duster cooling foot deodorant ($17.99) and the Crop Cleanser shower gel ($14.95), which make up more of this excellent, manly range.

$169.99 RRP for the Performance Package

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5. Enbacci – Rejuvenate at-home spa kit

Embacci -Cosmetics gift ideas

Giving you the feeling of a full day spa treatment, Enbacci’s Rejuvenate kit comes with a microdermabrasion exfoliating scrub, a detoxifying clay mask 5 revitalising wearable masks and an Australian-designed 24k rose quartz crystal face roller.

It’s the perfect destress pack to pamper yourself with.

$199.00 RRP

6. Biologi

Biolgi -Cosmetics gift ideas

The pure plant serum extracts used in Biologi means each product targets exactly the outcome you want in your skin.

From rosehip oil – 100% organic rosa canina oil – that rejuvenates the skin to fingerlime lip serum (citrus australasica extract) that nourishes, repairs and soothes, these products work in perfect harmony together to bring on that glow we all want for the start of a new year.

Biologi rosehip oil: $28.00 RRP – Biologi lip serum: $24.00 RRP

7. Silvi hypoallergenic silk & silver pillowcases

Silvi - Cosmetics gift ideas

Silvi silk and silver pillowcases - Cosmetics gift ideas

Combining the softness of silk – the gentlest natural fibres – and the antibacterial properties of silver ions, Silvi pillowcases prevent bacteria from finding a foothold on the delicate skin on your face.

This reduces blocked pores, acne and breakouts… and I don’t know if you’ve heard but silk pillowcases also help with hair frizz! Thank you, Hair Romance for the tip!

$109.00 RRP

Slivi - Cosmetics gift ideas

8. iS Clinical – New Year Skin Clear Pack

This impressive set comes with a powerful yet sensitive cleanser, a Pro-Heal Serum, an Active Serum and a Hydra-Cool Serum – and with a carefully designed day-to-night skincare regime to follow – that will undo all the indulging of Christmas and the New Year to bring back your skin’s lustre.

iS Clinical - Cosmetics gift ideas

$325.00 – only available from clinics or online from authorised iS Clinical retailers here.

9. Dyson Hair

Get salon-quality styling at home with the Dyson Airwrap. This wet-to-dry styler is a masterpiece of engineering.

It saves time and leaves your hair healthier with its lower heat controls, and uses crazy physics that blows out warm air but simultaneously sucking your hair around the barrel. I don’t understand how it works, but work it certainly does.

Dyson Airwrap - Cosmetics gift ideas

Christina’s got a lot of hair, so drying it all usually takes forever. Not with the Airwrap.

She can’t live without it – even when we’re travelling. She’s even been known to leave shoes out of her suitcase to fit her Airwrap in her luggage.

$799.00 RRP 

And for anyone with curly hair, a good hairdryer is a need not a want. The Dyson Supersonic is Christina’s best friend – mostly because it comes with the best diffuser Christina has ever used and she swears by it.

$549.00 RRP

10. L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil

L'Occitane almond oil shower oil - Cosmetics gift ideas

From this beautiful French skincare brand, the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil gently cleans the body while keeping the skin moisturised and soft.

Oil from Provençal almonds, bergamot fruit, sunflowers and rosemary leave a delicate, sweet aroma on the skin post-shower.

$39.00 RRP

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