30 Cocktails in 30 Days – Day 13: the Cuban Milkshake

Mr and Mrs Romance - Day 13 - Cuban Milkshake Cocktail Recipe

Day 13 of our 30 Cocktails in 30 Days Challenge: the Cuban Milkshake

The Cuban Milkshake featured in a cocktail party we had in 2008 to celebrate the leap year. Our ‘buy 365 get 1 free’ bash was so arbitrary that it deserved a cocktail party!

The Cuban Milkshake is that perfect combo of sweet creaminess and alcohol kick that made the good ol’ Brandy Alexander a craze of its time. It’s a nice comforting type of drink that you can curl up with and wait for Friday to come along. It’s a great Thursday drink!

Mind out though – it’s a bit filling, so don’t aim for a big night out with this one. Also, it’s dairy-based, so don’t have a Cuban Milkshake then drink a Coke. Bad things will happen!

Perfect to wind down with or as a substitute (or supplement) to dessert, this cocktail’s rich and delicious!

Here’s how to make the Cuban Milkshake

Mr and Mrs Romance - Day 13 - Cuban Milkshake Cocktail Recipe

Here’s what you need:

For each drink

  • Single measure of Bacardi
  • Single measure of Bailey’s
  • ½ measure Mozart’s chocolate cream gold liqueur
  • 4 measures of milk
  • Chocolate shavings
  • Ice
  • Tumbler glass
  • Jigger measure, cocktail shaker, potato peeler

Here’s what you do:

  1. Pour the rum, Bailey’s, chocolate liqueur and milk over ice into the shaker.
  2. Shake gently – you can even stir it. You can shake it more vigorously, it’ll just give the drink a bubbly texture on top.
  3. Strain out over ice into the glass.
  4. Shave chocolate over the surface with the peeler to garnish.

If you don’t have chocolate liqueur, that’s okay – it’s still a delicious drink without it!

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Images by Mrs Romance.


  • Oh my goodness…I must try one of these immediately! 😮 BTW I love that colourful heart!

    • Reply June 13, 2013

      Mr Romance

      It really is delicious, Lorraine! Oh and we’re thinking about doing a how-to on that heart – it’s become a bit of a celebrity at Romance Media!


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