A city sleep-over and a day in the country

It’s definitely springtime here in Sydney. The city’s really opening up, people are getting out and about more and things are starting to happen. The Noodle Markets, Oktoberfest, wine festivals… it’s a great time to be in and around Sydney.

This week we’re out and about too with a stay-cation in the city – we check out the Four Seasons – and a trip out to the country. In fact, we’re in Bowral, a town I haven’t been back to in over 17 years!

We hope you enjoy this IG Edition.

Jim & Christina x

It’s the perfect start to our stay-cation here in Sydney. We’re on the ferry heading for the city and the Four Seasons Hotel. The weather is warm and being out on the water is such a beautiful way to celebrate the start of spring in this city.

We’re checked in and enjoying the incredible view from our room on the 15th floor. We’re looking forward to giving you our full review of the Four Seasons. We’ve got some killer shots and some some awesome tips on getting the best out of this remarkable place to stay in Sydney.

A little glimpse behind the scenes – we’re getting the most out of the bubbles and our view!

For dinner, we’re downstairs from our room in the Four Seasons Sydney’s new restaurant Mode Kitchen and Bar. We’re so impressed with this restaurant. The menu’s modern European and the front of house is predominantly staffed with Italians, which makes us a little travel sick for Italy.

The food helps though – entrees of zucchini flowers, beef tartare and kingfish sashimi (not on the same plate) are certainly impressive.

We’ll have more information about the rest of our experience here at Mode in our review later. So keep an eye out for that.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Four Seasons Hotel Sydney - Grain Bar Mr Watson cocktail

After dinner, we’re next door in Grain Bar. We’ve been to Grain a few times before – it’s a great city bar – and this time isn’t any different. However, this time we’re able to meet Roderick Boerma – the bar manager here – to talk about the cocktails here.

This is the Mr Watson #2, and it’s a remarkable drink and one that really resonates with what this bar is like.

Similar to Mode restaurant, Grain doesn’t feel like it’s part of a huge international hotel. I’ve been to hotel bars before and this doesn’t feel like one of those. There’s autonomy here – and an understanding of what Sydneysiders are looking for in an amazing bar. Interestingly, the majority of people coming into Grain aren’t guests at the hotel.

We’ll also be talking more about Grain in upcoming reviews of the Four Seasons. In the meantime, check out Roderick’s recipe for this delicious cocktail here.

We’re up early this morning, making the most out of the view from our room. I’ve often wondered what it’s like to stay here at the Four Seasons; I’m certainly not disappointed. And it’s been one of the best stay-cations we’ve had in Sydney.

We’re really looking forward to putting the Four Seasons buffet breakfast – I’ve got a very good feeling about this!

To get the most out of it though, we’re working up an appetite with a walk round the harbour first. This light this morning is absolutely stunning – and the Opera House isn’t looking too bad either, is she?

This evening, we’re out at Rosebery to support our mates Nikki from Styling You and Beth from Baby Mac at their event promoting Frankie4 Footwear. It’s not really my scene but it’s great to see these two amazing women.

Mrs Romance insists Frankie4’s shoes are incredibly comfortable, which I suppose they should be: they’re designed by a podiatrist and physiotherapist. The difference is they look great too. Not something you usually associate with comfortable shoes.

This morning, Mrs Romance, her mum and I have driven down to the town of Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW to catch up with a couple of our lovely friends.

Up from one of the highest lookouts in the area – Mount Gibraltar Lookout – we can see down over the whole region. Isn’t it beautiful? Click here or on the image for a wider shot I’ve also taken.

Our friends Julia and James (plus their beautiful little baby boy Mo and Julia’s mum) have taken us out for lunch. The Old Mill – is a cafe and co-operative space in Bowral with some awesome eateries – Mexican, Vietnamese, dumplings – and an activation of this part of town.

James also tells us the cafe here serves the best coffee in town by a long way.

As part of the Old Mill, Plant Life is a beautiful garden centre – kind of in love with the Mexican food stall’s kombi van too!

If you’re anywhere near Bowral, make sure you check out this eating spot. You won’t be disappointed.

We’re also in town just in time to see the tulip display in Corbett Gardens. There are more tulips here than the whole of the Netherlands… probably. Well, maybe. Actually, that’s not true. But there are a lot of tulips and they’re stunning. If you get to Corbett Gardens in the next few days, you’ll still be able to see them in all their beautiful glory.

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait till next year!

Well, that’s all from us in this week’s IG Edition. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. Speak to you again soon!

Cheers – Jim & Christina x

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