Castaway cocktail – what to drink on an expedition

I always thought there’s nothing better than an afternoon cocktail. Then Enrique, the mixologist who runs the bar aboard The National Geographic Orion made us his signature cocktail. An afternoon cocktail on an expedition ship sailing around the tropics – now that’s a lot better, isn’t it?

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Whoever said exploration had to be tough? While we’ve been sailing around the Kimberley, the wild northwest of the Australian coast, we’ve eaten, drunk and slept so well.

Expeditions on our Zodiac speedboats during the day has us climbing back aboard the Orion hankering for refreshment. From crocodile-infested mangroves and lonely bays in search of ancient cave paintings to motoring down looming canyons in search of elegant waterfalls – all thirsty work.

Thankfully, Enrique has it covered. When we ask him to come up with a cocktail for us, he’s quietly enthusiastic. And what he’s come up with is just delicious.

Planter’s Punch onboard The National Geographic Orion

Mr & Mrs Romance - Planter's Punch - Enrique focus

Here’s what you need:

? 1.5 x white rum

? ¼ x orange juice

? ¼ x pineapple juice

? 1 x dark rum

? Splash of Angostura bitters

? Splash of grenadine

? Orange, cherry and a little umbrella to garnish

? Ice

Here’s what you do:

1. Build the cocktail over ice in the order above, starting with the white rum.

2. Find a hammock and watch the waves go by.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Planter's Punch - dark rumMr & Mrs Romance - Planter's Punch - garnishingMr & Mrs Romance - Planter's Punch - sky


? You could try a spiced rum instead of the dark rum. Dead Man’s Drop would be perfect.

? Adding a little chilli – either a chilli schnapps or just a small piece of fresh chilli muddled in the glass before you add the ice – would give this drink an interesting heat.

? Play with the garnishes. Enrique told us orange is fine, but things like a pineapple slice would work well too. Whatever you have at home really!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Planter's Punch - life saver Mr & Mrs Romance - Planter's Punch - drink focus

This refreshing, fruity drink is perfect at the end of a hot day’s exploring – or whatever you’ve been up to. It would also be an excellent welcomer to a party or a barbecue cocktail option.

For more cocktail inspiration, check out the best cocktail book we’ve ever written: How to Hold the Perfect Cocktail Party!

What do you drink when you’re on a voyage of discovery? Tell us in the comments!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Planter's Punch - crew only
Images by Mrs Romance, drink recipe courtesy of Enrique Abordo, Senior Bartender of the National Geographic Orion.

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