30 Cocktails in 30 Days

Dry July. Two words that bring a tear to my eye. Don’t worry, I won’t be writing in verse this whole article – though I am pleased with how that rhymes.

However, the sentiment still remains. With June almost upon us, it’s time to take stock of our choices and think about what we will do with the impending alcohol free month on our calendarial (not a word) doorsteps.

To help you make the most of June, we thought we would have a 30-day challenge. So starting this Saturday, we will begin 30 Cocktails in 30 Days!

Mr and Mrs Romance - 30 Cocktail in 30 Days

Every day from 1st June to 30th, we will make and drink a new cocktail and show you how you make it. If you want to join in, make sure you have everything you need. This is like Scott’s expedition to the South Pole. He wasn’t properly prepared and look what happened to him!

To help you get ready, here’s a link to stuff you’ll need for your bar. And below is a list of booze you’ll need to make all the drinks with us in the warmth of your own home. There are also alternatives to some of the more difficult-to-acquire items on the list.


Rum (white, golden and dark – at least have white and dark rum in plentiful supply!)


Gin – we use Tanqueray, but that’s just Mrs Romance being picky!

Rye or bourbon whiskey


Cointreau – triple sec is also good. Grand Marnier is kind of the same thing but has a much richer orange flavour.

Malabu – or coconut liqueur

Sambuca – white sambuca not the black stuff.

Chambord – this is a French blackberry liqueur and is delicious. Crème de Cassis will do just as well, as will framboise.

Red wine

Champagne or sparkling wine

Sweet and dry vermouth. Cinzano is good for the sweet, Noilly Prat is an excellent dry vermouth.

Bailey’s Irish Cream or Bristol Cream

Kahlua or any coffee liqueur

Campari and/or Aperol

Midori – or melon liqueur

Crème de cacao – dark and white if you can. Otherwise, dark is usually more readily available.

Crème de menthe

Amaretto – any almond or hazelnut liqueur like Frangellico will do as well.

Fruit liqueurs – strawberry, banana, mango… as many as you’ve got. These are mostly optional though, so don’t stress too much – I know you won’t!)


Butterscotch schnapps

Citron vodka – though normal vodka and lemon juice or lemon cordial will work okay too.

Manuka honey vodka and chili schnapps – these are not essential. You can make do with normal vodka and some honey. Same goes for the chili schnapps – just some fresh chilies will do fine.

Peach schnapps or peach brandy – these are optional as long as you have brandy.

Do you have any requests for cocktails you’d like to see made at Bar Romance?

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