Where to stay in Perugia: Hotel Brufani Palace

The drive to Perugia from Rome really isn’t a big deal. If you’re Italian. I’m not Italian and it was an escapade that – although surrounded by the most beautiful scenery you can imagine – was heroic. It’s a word I like to use about my driving as often as possible.

Perugia hotel italy Brufani
As we made our way north, the sun started settling down into its western bed. As it did, the realization dawned that we had no bed of our own to settle into.

The biggest town for miles around, surely Perugia would have somewhere for us to lay our heads? By the time we pulled into the town, we were tired and in need of dinner. We parked in the first place we could find: in a hotel car park.

Perugia Hotel Brufani hotel italy vacation holiday
By employing the ‘but I’m driving’ excuse, I persuaded Mrs Romance to speak to the hotel staff. She didn’t like doing this because the hotel we were parked outside was the luxury four-star Hotel Brufani Palace – part of the highly regarded Cina hotel group.

“There’s no way a room here’s going to be less than €200 a night,” Mrs R explained.

I gulped but stood my ground. “It’s worth just asking what their best price is,” I trembled.

A quick Google search revealed Mrs Romance to be correct. Again. Cheapest room: €186. These were booked out. Next room up – a Superior Room: €225. More gulping.

Still, to her credit, Mrs R went and asked. It proved to be a very good move. They gave us a Superior room for €161.80!

Perugia Hotel Brufani hotel italy vacation holiday room

Checked in, we explored the town. Perugia is the perfect example of an Etruscan city, perched upon a high hilltop overlooking the Umbria countryside and the Tiber Valley. With medieval laneways and steep steps weaving throughout the town, it’s not hard to imagine this place as it would have been hundreds of years ago.

Perugia vacation italy holiday sunset city streetPerugia vacation italy holiday sunset city streetMr & Mrs Romance - Perugia - street shot 5Perugia vacation italy holiday sunset city streetMr & Mrs Romance - Perugia - Street shots collage 1Perugia vacation italy holiday sunset city streetMr & Mrs Romance - Perugia - street shot 12Perugia vacation italy holiday sunset city streetMr & Mrs Romance - Perugia - street shots collage 2Perugia vacation italy holiday sunset city street

Corso Vanucci – the main street of Perugia – is the hub of the town. Around 5pm restaurant tables hold centre stage, making for the best fresco dining hall you’ll find. By night, the tables slowly move back inside and the revelers have a chance to enjoy the town.

Perugia Hotel Brufani hotel italy vacation holiday

The great doors of Perugia Cathedral.

Perugia Hotel Brufani hotel italy vacation holiday

Perugia Art Gallery.

Perugia Hotel Brufani hotel italy vacation holiday

The doors of Perugia Art Gallery.

The best bar we found was a little hidden gem. Not exactly a rooftop bar but certainly an elevated verandah bar, you access it either through a door along Piazza Giacomo Matteotti and go right through the block to the other side or on Via Angusta past Ristorante il Paiolo all the way to the end. Sadly I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s well worth a look in.

Perugia bar vacation holidayPerugia vacation holiday barPerugia vacation holiday bar

Back at the hotel, we stretched out in our luxurious room.

The hotel is built on Etruscan ruins. These have been lovingly preserved for all to see. To do so, you just need to go for a swim! They have installed a pool and spa over the top of the ruins, which are protected beneath thick glass. It’s a unique and historic way to enjoy a dip!

Perugia Hotel Brufani hotel italy vacation holiday

Up the lavish staircase to the roof of the hotel is a beautiful verandah perfect for a summer’s evening drink or even better, a big party. The hotel is a popular spot for wedding receptions, and little wonder.

Perugia Hotel Brufani hotel italy vacation holiday

The Hotel Brufani Palace was a beautiful hotel to stay in. We wished we could have stayed longer as we drove away, heading north-west into Tuscany.

Perugia Hotel Brufani hotel italy vacation holiday

It just goes to show, even with top class hotels, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they can offer you a last-minute deal for the night. The thing is, you see, when a hotel has a vacant room, they’d rather have it full at a reduced rate that sitting empty and not earning anything.

We didn’t just head straight to Perugia. Leaving Rome, we couldn’t resist visiting some of the random little villages and ancient castles that pop up out of the Lazio and Umbria countryside like Italian mushrooms. Each one has a different story to tell. But the one thing they have in common: they’re all bloody beautiful.

If you’re heading that way any time soon or in the future, don’t miss a quick visit to Bracciano with its stunning lake and unusual triangular castle – the ‘Castello Orsini-Odescalchi’. More importantly, make sure you go to Ristorante Vino e Camino in the tiny piazza. Their wine and food is just…

Perugia Hotel Brufani hotel italy vacation holiday Bracciano - Lake Bracciano

Have you been to Italy? Where’s your favourite place to go?

Images by Mr & Mrs Romance.


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    miss chew

    Wonderful post! Keep them up! I can’t wait to go to Italy in a couple of months!!

    • Reply March 23, 2013

      Mr Romance

      Thanks Jaime
      You must be so excited to be heading to Italy. You’ll have a great time! More tips for Tuscany on their way!

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    We went to Venice last year and it was absolutely fabulous. It was just a taster. Would love to go back and travel Italy-wide. So loving these posts, lots of food for thought! One day, I’m hoping to follow in your footsteps…

    • Reply March 26, 2013

      Mr Romance

      Ah Venice! Yes, Mrs Romance was in Venice just before I made my way to Italy last time. She looooves it there! Glad you’re enjoying the series, Sammy. Lots more to come! Watch this space.

  • Reply October 15, 2013


    How much was parking?

    • Reply October 16, 2013

      Mrs Romance

      Hi there, Parking was included and there was no extra charge. There was paid public parking in front of the hotel (as it’s right in the town centre) but you hand your keys into reception and there were no fees for hotel guests. Hope you decide to stay there, we loved it.

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