Scented candles. They smell nice, but how much should they cost?

*The most exciting thing about He Said, She Said is wondering if we’ll still be married by the end of each post! We both write on the same topic but only get to read the other’s work after it’s published.*

scented candle homewares interiors jo malone

He said:

At most – $10.

She said:

What fragrance? What’s the burn time? …

What’s more, he says:

I am… astounded. I found a ‘top three’ article for scented candles in one of those weekend supplements. Vaguely interested, I glanced at the run-down. $105 for the best one? SERIOUSLY?!

I brought this to the attention of Mrs Romance.

“One-hundred and five dollars? That’s not normal!”

I was expecting mirrored astonishment, but no. Just a nod. Just a ‘yeah’.

I screamed, ran and hid.

I buy Cuban cigars. They’re really expensive. That’s the closest I can get to understanding this. But I’d never pay $105 for one. $45, maybe. Okay, their smell isn’t as internationally appealing, but surely they’re conventional luxury items?

It doesn’t end there. Further inspection informed me that this $105 candle is also available in a 2.5kg format for… I just don’t understand this… $695.

I told Mrs R about this too.

“Oh, Jo Malone?” she shrugged. “Yes, of course.”

Yes. Of course.

And another thing, she says:

So Mr Romance is reading the paper and says to me, “This candle costs $105!!!!”

I shrug nonchalantly. He is horrified at my response.

“How can you think that’s ok?”

I say it’s probably due to the cost of the perfume for the scent and the burn time… blah blah…

But Mr Romance is horrified!

Is $105 too expensive for a candle? It depends who is buying it. I am always interested by companies that price themselves at the luxe end of the market. It’s definitely a growing market and if people are looking to spend money, there are companies offering products to fill that gap.

Now, I’ve never bought a candle that costs $105 but I have bought $50 candles and they are beautiful. They smell divine and burn for so much longer and with less smoke than cheaper candles.

I like travelling with a scented candle as it makes new places feel like home straight away.

I’m not sure I would buy a candle for $105, but I have bought perfume for more than twice that price. Is that ridiculous? I don’t think so.

Scent is so closely linked to memories for me. A fragrance can transport me to a place and time instantly.

I heard a beautiful wedding tradition recently where a bride should choose a new perfume just for her wedding day. Wear it on the day and for the month after then only wear it for anniversaries and special dates. The perfume will always remind you of your wedding day when you wear it.

Now I have gone off topic but I guess that’s what a scent will do.

I probably won’t buy that candle this month, but who knows… next month?

Here are the candles that started this whole thing:

scented candle homewares interiors jo malone

How much should a candle cost? What do you pay for yours?

Images by Mr Romance and respective product sites.


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  • Reply May 31, 2015


    $105, not a chance; $695, not in my lifetime. As for cologne – top price $150. Cologne lasts much longer than a candle and more people share the wealth if you know what I mean.

    I find the increasingly higher pricing of candles out of line. I actually talked to a Thymes rep and she said much of the cost is in the marketing and packaging. So sell the product without a feckin’ box, some of us would like to keep costs sane so even the little guy can buy a little slice of nice.

    • Reply June 1, 2015

      Mr Romance

      Ha ha! I totally agree, Ginna! Love the idea that with colognes, more people share the wealth! Great turn of phrase. Interesting that so much goes on packaging and marketing for candles – and paying for the name I presume. But don’t let me get started on over-packaging. Drives me crazy.
      Thanks for stopping by. Great to hear your thoughts.

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