Where to eat in Noosa: Noosa Beach House restaurant

Have you ever had that strange feeling when you get to a place that you’ve been there before? Last time we were in Noosa it was quite different – but then we were different too. This time though we could dine out in style, baby!

Mr and Mrs Romance - Noosa Beach House Restaurant exterior

The last time we were in Noosa, we did it on a backpacker’s budget. It wasn’t bad – far from it – but the run-in-run-out fish and chip tea we had at the surf-lifesaving club was probably the furthest cry from our dinner we had this time.

Noosa Beach House restaurant right on the ever-popular Hastings Street is the place to go if you want a top-quality meal without a lot of the pretension most fine-dining venues like to flaunt.

I mean, there is a bit of pretension – but you want that, don’t you? You’d be disappointed if the service wasn’t impeccable or if the wait staff didn’t allow you to inspect the wine label before pouring out – even if you’ve got no idea about wine.

The bar’s good too, with some signature cocktails to get your night going. Mrs Romance enjoyed her passionfruit mojito, which was a bit too sweet for me, and I went for the French Kiss (every time!), which was made with strawberries, Chambord and vodka and soda water.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Noosa Beach House Restaurant cocktails

At the table, you’ll find there’s a strong Sri Lankan theme running through the menu here. That’s to be expected as the owner, Peter Kuruvita, grew up there. Peter’s certainly one of Australia’s leading chefs, and has seen his books and TV series receive critical acclaim.

With this in mind, Mrs R was absolutely right to choose the Sri Lankan snapper curry for her main course.

At first, when the dish came out, she felt a bit underwhelmed; the fillet of fish was on its own with just a few blobs of tamarind sauce to keep it company. Then the waitress brought the separate plate of sauce and rice. She poured the sauce for Mrs R with the gusto of measured pretension I mentioned earlier. It was a very nice touch.

The curry wasn’t bad either!

For me, I had the barbecued spatchcock with candied peppers, almonds and yoghurt. The spatchcock had been artfully deboned and butterflied, and then grilled to crispy perfection. However, it was a little bit fatty for me – but that’s spatchcock for you. The sourness of the yoghurt, the sweetness of the peppers and the savoury crunch of the roasted almonds set the dish off perfectly.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Noosa Beach House Restaurant reviewMr and Mrs Romance - Noosa Beach House Restaurant sri lankan curryMr and Mrs Romance - Noosa Beach House Restaurant spatchcock

Dessert time and Mrs Romance couldn’t resist the pavlova topped with local tropical fruit and passionfruit curd, and house made cotton candy. Talk about food envy. This was amazing.

And I might indeed have had food envy if I hadn’t ordered the flourless chocolate cake for myself! Rich, dense and very sweet – just how I like my benefactors 😉 – this dessert was fantastic. The raspberry sorbet cut through the choc and allowed me to eat the whole thing!

Mr and Mrs Romance - Noosa Beach House Restaurant dessertMr and Mrs Romance - Noosa Beach House Restaurant desserts

As for wine, we enjoyed the Wirra Wirra Lost Watch Riesling, which was nice and dry and savoury. Ever since our Riesling wrap-up a while ago, we’ve become quite snobby about this variety but this hit the spot.

I also tried the Wirra Wirra Catapult Shiraz, which was good too, but I preferred the Riesling.

We had a great night here and will definitely be coming back here again for dinner next time we’re in Noosa. And especially since the Sheraton around the corner has had a facelift and is no longer that salmon pink nightmare it once was!

Mr and Mrs Romance - Noosa Beach House Restaurant interiors

The Beach House is perfect for a romantic dinner with lots of space to find a secluded spot away from everyone. It’s also great for groups if you’re here with a few people. The staff are incredibly professional and the food’s superb!

The Beach House Peter Kuruvita

16 Hastings Street
Noosa Heads
W: TheBeachHousePK.com.au

Have you ever been to Noosa? Where did you eat? What’s the snobbiest place you’ve ever eaten at – and didn’t you secretly enjoy it?! Tell us all about it in the comments!

Images by Mrs Romance.
Mr & Mrs Romance dined as guests of Tourism & Events Queensland.


  • Erm, did my invite get lost in the mail…?!*

    * not jealous whatsoever**

    ** totally jealous

    • Reply June 7, 2014

      Mr Romance

      I reckon it must have done, Sonia! We were wondering where you were. Don’t worry, it wasn’t much fun anyway.*
      *It was actually a lot of fun, sorry.**
      **Not sure what I’m sorry for – but it would have been a lot more fun if you’d been there, obviously!

  • Reply June 4, 2014


    Lucky Mr and Mrs R!! That meal looks amazing, and I absolutely love Noosa!

    The snobbiest place I’ve ever eaten was at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London (and yes, I LOVED every minute of it!!). The restaurant sat about 40 people (possibly even less than that), and there were at least twice as many staff as guests. Each staff member had a particular function and their duties could not extend past their dedicated role, e.g. ‘the finance manager’ who kindly delivers a heart attack on a piece of paper (aka the bill) at the end of the meal; one person to serve, one to clear; one to take your drink order, another to pour the wine…you get the picture. The meal was an experience in and of itself, and met all of my expectations of a three michelin star restaurant. Quite simply, amazing!
    Daisy xo

    • Reply June 7, 2014

      Mr Romance

      That sounds awesome, Daisy! I love Gordon Ramsey anyway, so I’d already be in my element (I think it’s how much he swears!), but watching a well-oiled machine like that is great, isn’t it? You chose wisely for your Number 16 I reckon!
      I know what you mean about the heart attack on a piece of paper too. We went to Rockpool a while back. Amazing food, incredible service and a quite remarkable bill at the end of it! You should try it if you can – not a bad way to tick off Number 3 on your list if you haven’t already.

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