Where to drink in Milan – Terrazza Aperol

Milan’s duomo – the Milanese Cathedral – is one of the most important pieces of medieval architecture in the world. As we sipped on our ice cold Aperol Spritzes and gazed at the duomo’s spikes and spires, we couldn’t agree more.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Duomo Milan

Some find the need to climb its mighty walls to peer out at the city from its elaborate roofs. Others hunker down in the depths of its belly to grizzle at the duomo’s creepy crypts.

Terrazza Aperol - Milan Italy 13

Terrazza Aperol - Milan Italy 12

We felt much more comfortable on the second-floor balcony of the Piazza de Duomo’s Galleria shopping centre along the Via Mercanti. We spotted the rooftop bar from the ground and discovered it is in fact an Aperol bar!

Terrazza Aperol has indoor and alfresco seating, and packs out from lunchtime onward. We scored the best seats in the house (though I was stabbed by one of the cacti in the balcony planters) right next to the incredible walls of the duomo.

Terrazza Aperol - Milan Italy 5

Terrazza Aperol - Milan Italy 6

Staring up at this famous church and nibbling on our not so virtuous lunches of salumi e formagi misti (a plate of mixed Italian meats and cheeses – €12), we were very impressed with this little bar.

Terrazza Aperol - Milan Italy 10

Terrazza Aperol - Milan Italy 9

Terrazza Aperol - Milan Italy 8

The drinks were cheap too. €8 for a good, strong Aperol Spritz in a location like this was great. We’ve heard of bars and cafes overlooking the bustle of the piazza charging €24 for a glass of wine, €16 for a beer and a savage €9 for a Coke… and that’s not including the €2.50 cover charge!

This is an excellent venue, which has put effort into making itself that little bit different yet still accessible. Oh, and check out the toilets here. They’re very amusing!

Terrazza Aperol - Milan Italy 4

Terrazza Aperol - Milan Italy 3

Terrazza Aperol - Milan Italy 2

Terrazza Aperol - Milan Italy 1

Terrazza Aperol
Piazza Duomo – level 2 Galleria
Via Mercanti
+39 0286331959

Images by Mrs Romance.


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