What does romance mean to you? Sonia Bavistock from Sonia Styling

Effervescent, energising and endlessly stylish, Sonia Bavistock – founder of SoniaStyling.com and Scribe+Social tells us her answer to the question: what does romance mean to you?

Mr & Mrs Romance - what does romance mean?

Sonia’s ability to enthuse people and bring them together comes from her generosity, her intelligence, her cheekiness and most of all her honesty. From the start of her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog Sonia Styling in 2013, this lady has built an incredibly loyal following.

It’s what has made her blog the cornerstone community it is now and it’s what has motivated her to start her latest venture. Scribe+Social is a social media consultancy and copywriting service that takes all of Sonia’s genius of building online communities and teaches brands how to do the same.

The company mission statement of “online presence with substance and style” is Sonia in a nutshell.

What does romance mean? Mr & Mrs Romance x Sonia StylingWhat does romance mean? Mr & Mrs Romance x Sonia Styling

Mirroring her business life, Sonia’s personal life is just as positive. She lives with her husband and fur-baby Amalfi the Shetland Sheepdog in a beautiful house in Adelaide. Alongside Sonia’s love of fashion and beauty lives a passion for good wine and food that’s synonymous with the South Australian ethos.

Yet in spite of all the beauty, elegance and sophistication, Sonia brings to the table her down-to-earth opinions, unassuming outlook and fun-loving personality. It’s a rare mix.

Here’s what Sonia has to say about romance:

What does romance mean to you: Sonia Bavistock – Sonia Styling

1. What’s something romantic that someone has done for you?

The most romantic thing my husband has done for me in recent times has been to encourage and fully support me in my transition from the corporate world to launching and running my own business.

He’s been my sounding board, my biggest cheerleader, and has given me the confidence I needed to just go for it. He believed in me long before I found the bravery to back myself.

What does romance mean? Mr & Mrs Romance x Sonia Styling

2. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone else?

I went all out for my husband’s 30th birthday, making sure it was full of all of his favourite things.

I bought him a brand new set of golf clubs, took him on a private wine tasting tour, booked us into a hotel for the night and took him out for a degustation dinner.

It’s his 40th birthday next year … I’d better get planning!

3. What everyday small things do you find romantic?

The way my husband takes care of me on a daily basis is incredibly romantic and plays right into his love language – Acts of Service.

He makes us dinner every single night, he’ll drive me anywhere I need to go (and pick me up), and he’ll do just about anything – unprompted – to make my day easier.

What does romance mean? Mr & Mrs Romance x Sonia Styling

4. What do you think is romantic that others might not?

Never underestimate the importance of being silly together.

Laughing your heads off at stupid stuff only the two of you find funny is such a powerful way to keep the romance alive and keep your bond strong. For us, it’s a Friday night at home with takeaway and a bottle of wine, which inevitably ends one of two ways – a lounge room dance party or a karaoke sing-off!

What does romance mean? Mr & Mrs Romance x Sonia Styling

Thank you, Sonia, for sharing your take on romance. You and your hubby are such a beautiful couple, and we love hanging out with you both. We need to do that more often – especially the being silly part!

There’s definitely a lot here for everyone to take away and think about in their own relationships.

What does romance mean? Mr & Mrs Romance x Sonia StylingMake sure you’re following Sonia on social media @soniastyling and check out her amazing fashion and beauty site SoniaStyling.com, her copywriting and social media consultancy Scribe+Social and her other venture (because she’s not busy enough) Brand Confetti, a workshop collaboration with EmmaKateCo.com.

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And how about you? What does romance mean to you? Tell us in the comments!

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