What does romance mean to you? Kate McKibbin from Secret Bloggers’ Business

Digital guru, founder of SecretBloggersBusiness.com and generally excellent human, Kate McKibbin tells us her answer to the question: what does romance mean to you?

Mr & Mrs Romance - what does romance mean?

Kate McKibbin is one of those rare people who hides their genius. She’d rather dish out a shrug than admit she knows more than you and her least favourite colour is limelight. Kate McKibbin is a serial non-gloater.

Yet in reality, Kate could make us all feel quite dim with ease.

Kate’s first foray into running online businesses began with her style and fashion blog Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily in 2007 – very early doors in blogging terms.

With a background in publishing, advertising and media, plus a business degree, she grew DDGD quickly. In fact, before she closed the business in 2016, Kate’s site was big enough to employ 6 people, attract over 500k readers a month and turn over 6-figure multiples a year.

However, if you believe her current about page on her latest mastermind venture Secret Bloggers’ Business, this all came about by accident. Hmm. Do I detect a hint of humility there perhaps?

What is romance, what does romance mean - Secret Bloggers' Business - Kate McKibbin

What is clear is Kate’s business acumen, her modesty, her creativity and her wicked sense of humour drive her forward to become formidable in business.

But does this translate to her personal life?

Here’s what Kate has to say about romance:

What does romance mean to you: Kate McKibbin – Secret Bloggers’ Business

1. What’s something romantic that someone has done for you?

My partner Matt organised singing lessons for me for Valentines day this year.

It was actually my New Year’s resolution to do them this year, and he knows how rubbish I am at making time for myself away from my business. It was just so thoughtful and unexpected (I hadn’t mentioned it in over a month!).

2. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone else?

Right at the start of our relationship, I met my partner at the airport (at 5am) with a coffee in hand as a surprise when he was getting back from an International work trip.

I remember being really nervous about it, because we hadn’t been dating very long, and I was worried he would think I was a crazy stalker.

But he loved it (and he surprised me right back on my next trip, but he had to one up on me of course: he turned up with flowers and dressed like a chauffeur).

3. What everyday small things do you find romantic?

Just little things where you know that person has been thinking about you, and wanting to make sure you are happy (even if it means they make a little sacrifice themselves). Even in just a small way.

So maybe it’s saving you the last of the milk so you can have a coffee in the morning, or remembering the name of the movie you wanted to watch when they go to grab some DVDs, or knowing which flowers are your favourite and buying them for no reason (just-because flowers are the best!)

4. What do you think is romantic that others might not?

Loving my dog 😉 and trying to make an effort with her as well.

I don’t have kids, but she’s still family to me. And if you love me, you have to love the people and fur-people I love too.

What is romance, what does romance mean - Secret Bloggers' Business - Kate McKibbin

Thank you, Kate for letting us into your heart. I didn’t know you’d taken singing lessons. You’ll have to give us a rendition of Love Me Tender next time we meet up!

Kate’s current piece of digital brilliance is Secret Bloggers’ Business for people working online – either through a blog they want to monetise or another online business.

Kate’s online training courses, social groups, clubs and coaching hubs give you the tools to turn your passion project into a profession or your small online income into something so much more.

Check out Secret Bloggers’ Business here to find out more. You won’t regret it.

What is romance, what does romance mean - Secret Bloggers' Business - Kate McKibbin

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And how about you? What does romance mean to you? Tell us in the comments!

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