What does romance mean to you? Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life

From champion bar tender to championing clean living, Alexx Stuart of LowToxLife.com has quite a perspective. This fascinating, enthusiastic and generous lady tells us her answer to the question: what does romance mean to you?

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Alexx has one of the healthiest outlooks on being healthy I’ve ever known. Her positivity and enthusiasm pours from her, yet her intensity is tempered with the most laid-back attitude to life.

The first time we met Alexx was on a media trip to Fraser Island, Queensland and where she explained about how she first got into low-tox living.

Finding a moment of realisation whilst out grocery shopping, Alexx made the move to organic produce and no more processed foods. So began a journey that would take her away from her old life to a new one of knowledge, wholesomeness and enlightened eating.

It hasn’t all been easy; she and her husband met at the Bartender of the Year Awards – an accolade Alexx in fact owns. She also has a background in the cosmetics industry. Breaking away from that life and making changes is never going to be straight forward. But all the experience and knowledge has built her understanding of what goes into the things that go into us. And the results can be quite scary.

However, in spite of this deep knowledge, Alexx is one of those rare people who have the power of knowledge, but who only uses it to do good. There’s no judgment from her ever. Any advice Alexx gives is from a positive place – and my goodness, this lady knows a lot.

I believe there’s no guilt in where you’ve come from. There’s just excitement for where you choose to go today!

As for romance, Alexx also seems to have a handle on that – but let’s hear it in her own words.

Here’s what Alexx Stuart has to say about romance:

What does romance mean to you: Alexx Stuart – Low Tox Life

1. What’s something romantic that someone has done for you?

It was the first day my husband and I met. We had been hanging out doing the crossword waiting for our turns in the “Bartender of the Year” competition (true story!) and someone dropped something in the background…

I looked over Ollie’s shoulder and rhetorically asked what happened and he stared me right in the eyes and said: “I don’t know; was too busy looking at you.”

Floored me. Alarmingly charming. Rest is history some 13 years later.

2. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone else?

Surprising my husband with a trip to New York a couple of years ago when I was going solo for work. I’d been working really hard and had a bit of extra money saved and just loved that we could both go.

The airbed at our friend’s place was hideous though, so – hilariously – we ended up on two separate couches for our romantic week away! 😉

3. What everyday small things do you find romantic?

I love massages, a goodnight text “Love you” if husband’s away for work, a spontaneous hug, having dinner cooked for me or making me a nice drink. Easy to please, don’t you think?

4. What do you think is romantic that others might not?

Hand written notes about random daily home communication. There’s an “O X” at the end and, even though it might be about whether or not our son has a play date or French has been cancelled, it still makes me smile and feel the love.

And – thanks Mr & Mrs Romance – I think I had to think a little too long to come up with my answers, so I can’t wait to get to work with my Mr Romance and put a whole bunch more romance into our lives. So simple yet so important.

My uncle called the home phone from upstairs at his place once. My auntie answered it downstairs and he said: “I just called to say Je T’aime!” So cute after 20+ years marriage!

Thank you so much for your insights into what romance means to you, Alexx. We love your story and how much your life has changed. It’s quite inspiring.

Make sure you check out Alexx’s site Low Tox Life for “delicious lightbulb moments, nourishing recipes, and tips for a happy you and a happy planet.”

You’ll also find her Low Tox Life podcast entertaining and informative, and her Go Low-Tox e-course will show you how to live cleaner, lower your toxic load and debunk a lot of myths about food processes.

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And how about you? What does romance mean to you? Tell us in the comments!

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