A Traveller’s Christmas—gifts for the ever-outward bound

Whether you’re looking for travel gifts for a special someone who’s about to head somewhere or those that just love the hunt for destination inspiration—‘destinspiration’ if you will—this selection of gifts has it all.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts

When Christina and I were putting this list of travel gifts together, we really wanted to show a diversity of ideas. People often say we’re hard to buy for—especially when it comes to travel stuff—but that’s because we don’t need any more universal power adaptors or money belts.

We don’t expect flight tickets or hotel stays for Christmas (though I hope our families are reading this and want to surprise us this year) and luggage is a minefield.

When it comes to buying someone else a suitcase, you might as well try buying them shoes without them trying them on first.

So we thought we’d think more laterally.

Below, you’ll find everything from travel fashion (don’t worry, this is a Crocs-free zone) to personal (and party) entertainment, books for inspiration and for direction, and even some ideas and vouchers for local guided tours.

There’s even an ingenious collapsable cooler here that I’m kind of in love with.

This Christmas gift list is part of our annual Hint Magazine—our online guide to Christmas, which has gift ideas, but also a host of stories about making the festive season a bit more special.

We’re talking recipes, gift personalisation inso and even a list of Christmas movies that you probably haven’t though of.

Check out the full publication here!

A Traveller’s Christmas Gift Guide

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Tina M Copenhagen Maui hat

Tina M Copenhagen hats

The perfect gift for those with a head for fashion, these Tina M Copenhagen hats not only look beautiful but are excellent sun-safe options from beach to bar.

Moving to Australia from Denmark over 30 years ago, Tina Madsen-Walcott has paired form with function to create Tina M Copenhagen hats.

Plugging into both her Danish upbringing and her life here in Australia—as well as a degree in Biochemistry, Tina’s designs are the joint embodiment of ‘Scando style’ and Aussie sun sense.

Maui hat

Crush-resistant and colour-fast, the Maui is the perfect travel hat but also has the style to pull off a long lunch or rooftop bar. It also has an adjustable internal drawstring to fit snugly in windy conditions, and comes in two colourways: this light camel crown and camel brim or an ivory and khaki mix.

$85.00 RRP

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Tina M Copenhagen Whistler hat

Whistler hat

Fully adjustable for wind resistance and made from Australian wool, this fedora will keep its wearer company in the country and its 7cm brim will keep them sun safe too. This beautiful hat is also at home in the city and adds an air of mystique to any ensemble.

$135 RRP

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Megaboom 3 indestructible portable speaker by Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 portable speaker

Nothing gets the party started quite like good tunes. So if you’re shopping for a party animal this Christmas, you’ve just hit gold. This Megaboom 3 portable speaker from Ultimate Ears is incredible.

Not only does Megaboom 3 deliver sound quality you’d expect from a stadium concert it’s also virtually indestructible. Sand and dust resistant, drop proof and even waterproof, you can drop this thing in your suitcase and know it’s going to be ready to go when you unpack.

A thundering bass, exquisite sound balance and 360° spacial audio means the quality of sound you get with Megaboom 3 is never compromised. And its 45m range lets the party really travel.

$329.95 RRP

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Bouncee foldable cooler

Bouncee 43l Folding Cooler

Traditional eskies take up so much room, don’t they? Especially when they’re not being used. Whether you’re camping, boating or it’s just winter and the cooler box is sitting fallow in your garage, it’s a lot of lost space when they’re empty.

But this collapsable cooler from Bouncee changes everything. Folding down to under half its size when it’s up, this cooler is so handy. It’s lightweight and strong too—made from EPP expandable polypropylene, the same stuff they use to make car parts.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Bouncee collapsable cooler

And when it’s up, this box can even have multiple temperature zones with the use of thermal dividers that slot into the sides. You can have frozen goods on one side and other kit or room-temp food and drink on the other. This also makes it perfect to keep in the car boot for grocery runs and road trips!

$109.00 RRP for just the box
$169.99 for the Starter Kit, which includes 4x ice packs and 1x thermal divider

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Logitech G735 wireless gamer's headset

Logitech G735 wireless gaming headset and case

For gamers, music-lovers or movie buffs on the move, this over-ear wireless headset with detachable microphone represents their raison d’être! From Logitech’s Aurora Collection, the G375 is foldable, super lightweight at 273g, and is built for speed, comfort and longevity.

These headphones will stay connected—either via Bluetooth or the LIGHTSPEED USB receiver—to mobile devices and laptops. You can even do both at once, perfect for those boring work-from-home meetings when you just want to listen to your podcast. Those suckers at work won’t know a thing about it!

Either way, keep listening for up to 56 hours of continuous use in one charge. The headset’s cloud-soft headband and adjustable ear cups make sure they’re comfortable the whole time.

At home, the G735 wireless headset is the perfect peace-keeping gift too, as it connects easily to smart TVs and will let everyone watch whatever they want to without interrupting the rest of the house. Plus with a 20-metre range, these headphones keep connected in the biggest of living rooms.

And for that extra touch of flare, these amazing headphones even light up, reacting with what you’re listening to with a 16.8million-colour spectrum that lights up and is endlessly customisable!

$429.95 RRP

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Logitech G735 wireless gamer's headset and case

And to make this headset even more convenient, this ergonomic carry case makes sure it stays safe whenever it’s not in use. The headset simply folds up and fits snuggly into the purpose-built space.

There’s even room for a gaming mouse, cables or any other kit. Whenever I travel, I keep earplugs, plane adapters, eye mask and my favourite long-haul hack: melatonin tablets.

$79.95 RRP

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Love Shacks by Susan Redman

Love Shacks by Susan Redman

Surely the sweet spot of the architectural design and travel inspiration Venn Diagram, Love Shacks is the perfect Christmas book for anyone who loves beautiful, creative interiors, magnificent destinations and unique architecture. It’s for those who always dream of travel and of dream houses.

In her beautifully illustrated hardback, design journalist and lifestyle editor Susan Redman brilliantly combines the fascinating stories from those that have designed, built, styled and restored their pieces of paradise with an all-new way of curating your travel bucket list.

From mountain cottages in the cloud forests of Costa Rica to the conical stonework of trulli roofs in the Pugliese countryside in southeast Italy, from beachside fibros of fishermen’s shacks on the South Australian coast to wood cabins in pine forests of southern Finland, this book travels the world, shows you where you have to stay (all these properties are rentable) and even gives you a taste of what you should do when you’re there.

$59.99 RRP

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Lonely Planet Wine Trails Australia & NZ book

Wine Trails Australia & New Zealand – Lonely Planet Food

Building on what Lonely Planet has always done so well since it started in 1973, the Lonely Planet Food arm is the perfect starting point to planning a bit of gastronomic galavanting. For your wine-lover, Wine Trails Australia and New Zealand is the perfect gift for organising their next 40 weekends away.

Cleverly broken up into manageable sections, this hardback guide breaks down a complex and often bewildering area of travel. Starting with a rundown of each wine region, the book goes into detail with a few choice wineries and what to expect, and then gives you the important granular info you need like where to stay, where to eat and what else you can do other than drink wine. It’s an excellent aid to planning a wine weekend away.

Just be careful; whoever you give this to for Christmas you probably won’t see for the rest of the year!

$39.99 RRP

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Lonely Planet Gourmet Trails Europe book

Gourmet Trails Europe – Lonely Planet Food

Europe is in everyone’s travel sights at the moment, with all the big-ticket destinations like Paris, Barcelona, Rome and London heaving with lusty, travel-hungry crowds trying to make up for Covid-lost time.

But for the more savvy travellers among us, a step or two back from that well-stomped on path often reveal those wonderful authentic gems that long ago lost their lustre on the main street. Lonely Planet Food’s Gourmet Trails Europe gives up many of these spots with signature simplicity and sense of ease.

A quick overview, a bio of venues to visit and a page on where to stay, what to do and even tips of how to get there, and you realise you’ve already got your passport out.

Summarising and inspiring travel on 40 different food-focused itineraries to 42 different countries, this is the book for anyone heading to (or even thinking about) Europe for a feed.

$34.99 RRP

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2024 book

Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2024

2024 sees Lonely Planet turn 50! And to celebrate, the ubiquitous travel guide company has released its top 50 destinations for 2024. This is a highlight reel of what’s to come picks the top 10 best in show for best countries, best cities, best regions, best value and most sustainable.

Spoiler alert, Australia has made the list, reaching second spot in top 10 regions with Kangaroo Island SA. NZ also gets a mention with the Southern Lakes and Central Otago taking ninth spot in the Best Value category.

The perfect gift for anyone with a love of travel, this book will inspire, educate and entertain with four pages dedicated to each winning destination as well stunning photography that puts you right there on the ground.

$27.99 RRP

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Wilson Payne Aussie bird socks

Wilson Payne true blue Aussie socks

Give cliched gifts the bird with these excellent Aussie avian socks! Designed and made in Melbourne, these socks feature some of the best birds from Down Under.

Our favourites are the cheeky crimson rosella and the spectral red-tailed black cockatoo, but you can also dec your feet with barn owls, bungees, kookaburras, penguins and magpies.

Other Aussie icons have also made their way onto these well-crafted and comfortable socks. The likes of Tasmanian devils, green tree frogs, koalas and echidnas have made their way onto Wilson Payne’s hosiery, as have some of our favourite snacks!

Who’d have thought fairy bread, lamingtons or musk sticks would make for good footwear?

$35.50 RRP per pair

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Campify

Campify Gift Voucher

Imagine AirBnB but on wheels. That’s what Campify is. Australia’s largest and fastest-growing campervan, motorhome and caravan sharing community, Campify gives you access to over 10,000 ‘moving holiday homes’ around the world.

And best of all, this voucher system means whoever you’re gifting gets to choose their own adventure!

From $100 to $1,500 – it depends how much you love them!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Vic Markets Tours

Queen Victoria Markets Tour Gift Voucher

Give the gift of knowledge, food and culture with this voucher for a tour of the legendary Vic Markets in Melbourne VIC. This two-hour tour goes round the various stalls of the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere and has been running for 145 years.

You get to meet the traders, hear their incredible stories and sample lots of the tasty delicacies from Australia and around the world that this market is famous for.

$99 per person

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts - Local Sauce Tours

Local Sauce Secret Tours of Sydney

Sydney is world famous for its beautiful harbour, but there’s a lot more to the city than just the water that surrounds it. Tucked away down little streets or in suburbs away from the busy CBD are fascinating facets waiting to be discovered.

Local Sauce explores local pockets of the city through private and small-group tours like their Secret Bar Crawl or Surry Hills by Night – Crime & Cocktails, or food adventures in China Town or Little Italy in Five Dock. And if you don’t know which tour to buy for Christmas, there’s even a fully customisable gift card you can opt for instead!

Check out these customisable gift cards.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Hint Christmas travel gifts

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