Looking Good For Christmas—top beauty gifts for the festive season

Beauty and cosmetics products make such great Christmas gifts, but with so much to choose from it can feel overwhelming. Here’s our quick list of awesome cosmetics gifts and beauty products for Christmas.

Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance

I am a self-confessed spa rat. Even before I met Christina, I loved a massage and all kinds of skin treatment. My sister used to be an aromatherapist and my mum brought me up using moisturisers, face masks, toners and oils.

My dad has always hated any creams or lotions on his face by the way, and would sit and grumble while my mum and I sat next to him with clay covering our faces.

Christina has bee working in the beauty industry for almost 15 years now with her site Hair Romance. It’s meant I’ve been exposed to a whole other level of cosmetics and beauty brands.

So here are our favourite hair and beauty products and tech that we think would make awesome presents for the spa rat in your life!

This is part of our annual Hint Magazine—a guide to Christmas featuring shoppable gift ideas, but also stories on how to make your Christmas even better as well as things like movie recommendations and recipes.

Check out this year’s edition of Hint Magazine here.

Looking Good For Christmas

CurrentBody LED Mask kit - Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance

CurrentBody Skin Light Therapy Mask

CurrentBody Skin’s Special LED Kit is the ultimate Christmas spoil for the person in your life that loves spas and treatments, but who also wants the comfort and convenience of home.

CurrentBody’s research into the efficacy of clinic-grade LED red and infrared light therapy devices on skin rejuvenation has been industry leading.

CurrentBody LED Mask - Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance

Designed in the UK, this comfortable silicon mask is fitted with dual light emitters spaced for optimal coverage. It uses precise, high quality wavelengths for cellular rejuvenation to make this the most powerful and effective LED mask on the market, clinically proven to reduce wrinkles in only four weeks.

The kit comes with a set of nourishing hydrogel face masks, which work to enhance the effects of the LED mask, and a bottle of specially formulated Green Tea Serum that calms inflammation and soothes irritated skin.

$679.00 RRP (normally $715)

Shark FlexStyle Air Styling and Drying System - Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance

Shark FlexStyle Air Styling and Drying System

The perfect gift for anyone who wants a whole hair salon in the palm of their hand, the Shark FlexStyle System does everything. It even transforms!

In its initial ‘wand’ formation, the Shark FlexStyle System can be fitted with round or paddle brush attachments, which have a combination of nylon and boar bristles that help detangle and shine at the same time.

There are also two 3.2cm auto-wrap curling barrels that use mind-boggling helix-like coanda technology that draws hair round the barrels to curl without damaging with direct heat.

But then you hit the styler lock switch and the System goes full Optimus Prime. The end turns 90° so that it can be used as a traditional hair dryer, with a style concentrator and curl enhancing diffuser attachments.

Shark FlexStyle Air Styling and Drying System - Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance

The FlexStyle has four heat settings, including a cold shot button to set your style, and three airflow settings for complete control of the power in your hand.

And when your hair is looking perfect, the Shark FlexStyle Air Styling and Drying System goes back into its stylish and convenient storage case.

$499.00 RRP

Lük Beautifood Holiday Beauty Gift Packs

Aussie owned and made, Lük Beautifood pride themselves on using ingredients that not only look beautiful on, but that are good for you, your skin and the environment.

The perfect stocking stuffer or extra gift this Christmas, Lük Beautifood’s Lip Tint Trees even come in cute festive packaging that you can hang from the tree! These lipsticks come in 14 shades like Pink Juniper, which tastes of orange and juniper berries or Rose Lime that has hints of lime and ginger on your lips.

$24.00 RRP per Tree

Luk Beautifood Lip Tint Tree - Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance Luk Beautifood Lip Lash Trio - Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance

These Lash Lip Trio three-in-one packs gift a Lip Nourish hydrating conditioner with a satin finish, a Lipstick Crayon that acts as a lipstick and liner in one, and a Lash Nourish mascara that lifts, separates and defines lashes as it conditions. There are two collections to choose from: Nude Shades or Soft Shades.

$69.00 RRP per Trio

Robe Hair - Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance

Robe Haircare Youthful Shampoo and Conditioner

From internationally acclaimed Aussie hair colourist, cutter and stylist Lauren Mackellar, Robe Haircare’s Youthful shampoo and conditioner make for wonderful Christmas gifts for anyone with thick, coarse or greying hair.

The shampoo lightens and smooths the hair while the conditioner softens and hydrates, leaving nourished, shiny easy-to-work-with hair.

$59.99 RRP per product

Beauty Chef GLOW skin oil - Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance

The Beauty Chef Glow F.A.C.E Skin Oil

Rich, nourishing and rejuvenating, this skin oil from The Beauty Chef is a spa treatment in a bottle. The ideal Christmas gift for anyone looking for a glowing radiant finish to their skin, this oil reduces the appearance of fine lines, and tones, firms and feeds.

Developed from the theory that healthy skin begins in the gut, this oil is made from fermented extracts of over 20 different plants as well as vitamin A,C and E, and also contains Bakuchiol, a gentler, plant-based retinoid-like product.

$75.00 RRP

A Naturel Strawberry mask - Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance

A’Naturel Strawberry Glow Mask

Don’t be fooled by the cute pearly pink colour or the lolly-sweet strawberry smell of this hydrating facial treatment mask from A’Naturel; its extracts of aloe vera, jojoba oil, witch hazel and real strawberries act an a powerful antioxidant.

What better gift for anyone who loves a fresh, revitalised complexion?

$50.00 RRP

Jelly Ko skincare - Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance Jelly Ko Gelato Lip Mask - Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance

Jelly Ko

By creating products that are (almost) good enough to eat*, Jelly Ko (‘Ko’ as in Korea) have made a range of hydrating, rejuvenating skincare that’s not only enjoyable to use but highly effective too.

*Don’t eat these skincare products!

Their delicious Gelato Lip Glaze Mask (it even comes with a little gold ice cream scoop!) hydrates and nourishes your lips with lysine, amino acids and shea butter, while the Dewy Glaze Toner uses ingredients like birch sap, three types of hyaluronic acid, adenosine and panthenol to give your skin a magical, hydrating shine.

Jelly Ko’s Cherry Blossom Sleeping Mask makes the most of your skin’s natural repair cycle so you wake up with brighter, softer, bouncier skin.

$28.00 – $64.00 RRP

ROC Multi Correxion Hydrate + Plump - Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance


The OG of over-the-counter retinoid skincare, RoC is the ultimate cosmetics gift for anyone who takes skincare seriously.

With a vast suite of products for almost every skin type, time of day and occasion, these clinically proven Retinol and hyaluronic acid skin solutions should be a cornerstone of everyone’s beauty regime.

These two RoC Multi Correxion Hydrate + Plump products for the eyes and face are perfect examples of this icon of the cosmetics industry that’s been helping battle the signs of ageing since 1957.

Eye Cream (15ml) $29.99 RRP
Serum Capsules (x30) $32.99 RRP

Orilab Trio, Quad and Duo Edits - Hint Christmas Gifts for Beauty - Mr & Mrs Romance

ORI Lab by NAK Hair

One of Australia’s hair product icons, NAK Hair has served Aussie locks for over 20 years. Their ORI Lab range provides beautiful organic plant-based haircare is a delicious selection of products designed to cleanse, nourish and restore hair to its natural beauty.

ORI Lab has a number of cute pre-packaged ‘edits’ that make Christmas shopping that bit easier. Their Bon Bon Edits are quads of mini products containing a cleanser, conditioner, treatment and styling product suited to different types of hair. Perfect travel kits or stocking fillers.

There are also Treat & Style Edits with full-size reviving hair treatment and styling product in each, and there are Trio Edits that have three hair products handpicked for different purposes. Their names—Restore, Calm, Blonde, Plump and Curl speak for themselves.

$49.99-$98.95 RRP


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