How to give the gift of travel for Christmas

Although there are so many options for travel-related gifts, some are much better than others. Here are our favourite 14 things to give the travel obsessed this Christmas.

Travel gifts for Christmas

There are so many ways you can give the gift of travel without just paying for someone’s flights – though that is a pretty good gift – hint hint!

From inspirational books to practical gear to actual experiences near and far, there’s a wealth of gift ideas out there for those who love to wander.

We’ve put together a quick list of ideas perfect for sating the travel bug as part of our awesome Christmas gift guide Hint Magazine:

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14 gifts for travel fanatics

We’ve split this list into 3 parts to make it easier to navigate. Click each of these headings to go straight to the section:

1. Things to Read – inspiring travel books

2. Things to Bring – useful travel kit to pack

3. Things to Do – amazing travel experiences

6 Things to Read

1. Welcome to Country: a travel guide to Indigenous Australia – Marcia Langton

Travel gifts for Christmas - Welcome to Country book

Welcome to Country is not only a guide book of Australia; it’s an insight into what this land means. Sectioned into two parts, its second part is a travel guide in the traditional sense.

Broken down state by state, there’s information on things to do, places to visit and tours to experience, all of which are “Indigenous-owned and operated, or genuinely engage with traditional owners and the culture of First Peoples.”

But part one of this book is profoundly more useful. Marcia has created a translation of Indigenous Australia.

Going deep into pre- and post-colonial history, bravely addressing issues, and knowledge and awareness gaps many non-Indigenous people have, Marcia clarifies, educates and puts to right things that should be known by all.

$50.00 RRP

2. Great World Wonders: 100 remarkable World Heritage Sites – Michael Turtle

Travel gifts for Christmas - Great World Wonders book

Friend and fellow member of the Australian Travel Writers’ Association, Michael’s passion for World Heritage Sites has led him to author this fascinating travel book.

Detailing 100 of the most significant natural and cultural parts of the planet that have been inscribed onto the UNESCO World Heritage List, Michael shows how the list is “a museum of places” that describes not only our world but our humanity with it.

A sign of how fascinating this book is: flip it open at any page at random and you find yourself still reading 20 minutes later.

You can find more of Michael’s adventures on his blog

$45.00 RRP

3. The Travel Book: a journey through every country around the world – Lonely Planet

The ultimate compendium for any travel addict, Lonely Planet’s Travel Book takes you to all 200 countries on our globe. Each nation has two pages dedicated to it; one with beautiful photos, the other with background, and iconic things to see and do.

The Travel book not only paints a picture of this amazing world, it inspires. As you leaf through the pages, you feel something stir inside of you: the travel bug awakens and calls to be free.

$60.00 RRP

Travel gifts for Christmas - Armchair traveller and The Travel Book Lonely Planet

4. Lonely Planet’s Armchair Explorer: discover the best music, film and literature from around the world

Whenever we can, we travel; when we can’t, we dream. And this unusual take on a classic Lonely Planet travel guide helps us do just that.

Bringing the destinations from your dreams into your own home, Lonely Planet’s Armchair Explorer gives you a list of the best books, movies and music from 120 different countries to inspire your next trip and to entertain you in the meantime.

$34.99 RRP

5. Ultimate Weekends: Australia – Emma Shaw

This easy-going guide created by travel blogger couple Emma and Thom Shaw takes you around Australia state by state.

Showing off 60 of the Shaws’ favourite spots to visit from their year-long Big Lap around Australia in a vintage caravan, Ultimate Weekends: Australia is the perfect companion for anyone planning (or dreaming of) daytrips, weekends or longer journeys around this beautiful country.

$39.99 RRP

Travel gifts for Christmas - Ultimate Weekends Australia & Around Australia at 80ks

6. Around Australia at 80ks: two humans, one dog and a bright yellow kombi on the road trip of a lifetime – written and photographed by Meredith Schofield

Following the epic van-life journey of Meredith and Sean Schofield and their rescue dog Bandit, Around Australia at 80ks is full of handy insights and tips on a multitude of out-of-the-way destinations.

From Coober Pedy to the Red Centre to the Top End to the Kimberley, this is as much a useful guide to travelling Australia as it is the Schofields’ story of exploring the vast Outback in a vintage yellow kombi called Etta.

$35.00 RRP

5 Things to Bring

1. The Great State Skin Balm

Travel gifts for Christmas - The Great State travel balm

Making skincare while you travel a thousand times easier, The Great State Soothing Skin Balm helps with everything from chapped lips and insect bites to eczema, sore feet and fly-away hairs.

Made from 100% natural ethically sourced ingredients, this balm is heat stable, so it will never go runny and leak and because it’s not a liquid or paste, it won’t trouble you going through airport customs.

The balm’s beeswax base forms a protective barrier on your skin while jojoba, avocado and cherry seed oils moisturise, and fragrances of honey and coconut relax and sooth.

$32.00 RRP

2. Chilly Towel

Travel gifts for Christmas - Chilly Towels

Trying to stay cool while you’re travelling, especially in the tropics, is a challenge. But whether you’re in a room with no air-con, in a hot bus with no windows or walking in the midday sun, this towel will chill you out.

It’s also a saviour for hot flushes.

Chilly Towel founder and cancer survivor Tara Lock created this product to help with overheating during chemotherapy. After ringing out with cold water, the Chilly Towel will stay cool and yet dry to the touch for hours.

Duo pack $50.00 RRP

3. Bon Maxie Mighty Mini Wallet

Designed in Brisbane, QLD, this palm-sized wallet has so much going on under the hood.

Made from full-grain sustainably-sourced leather, the outside has 6+ RFID-protected card slots with more space inside for less-used cards. There’s also a magnet-fastened coin section and more space inside for notes.

There’s also a free app Bon Maxie has partnered with – Stocard – that lets you put all your loyalty cards on your phone.

Available in Milk Tea, Lilac, Snake Print and Black, the Mighty Mini is made to fit inside the surprisingly voluminous Sidekick Crossbody bag.

$89.00 RRP

Travel gifts for Christmas - Bon Maxie Sidekick bag and Bon Maxie Mighty Mini wallet

4. Bon Maxie Sidekick Leather Crossbody Bag

If Mary Poppins and Doctor Who thought they had storage solutions sorted, they obviously hadn’t seen the Bon Maxie Sidekick bag.

Perfect for everyday life and even better for travel, this handbag fits a surprising amount – from an A5 pad to a 600ml bottle to a DSLR camera and spare lenses with room to spare.

Made from full-grain sustainably-sourced leather, the Sidekick has a large main section with two smaller pouches on one side (one of which fits the Mighty Mini wallet perfectly), a zippable section on the other and a self-closing back pocket that easily fits a phone.

Its optional extra-long strap means you can wear the Sidekick across your body for extra comfort and security, and the little metal feet on the bottom protect it from wear and tear.

Available in Milk Tea, Lilac, Khaki, Black and Tan.

$249.00 RRP

5. Melissa Allen Mood Essentials travel fragrances

Travel gifts for Christmas - Melissa Allen Essential Moods travel fragrances

Creating four central scents using natural essential oils, these unisex fragrances are aimed at boosting the positive moods we experience every day – confidence, calm, focus and joy.

Our sense of smell is strongly connected to memory and mood, so when we’re travelling, being able to harness that sense to realign our energy is brilliant.

In handy 7ml sprays, these travel-size bottles fit in a pocket or bag easily and won’t be a problem going through customs in your carry-on.

$24.95 RRP each 7ml bottle

3 Things to Do

1. Teleportal submarines – exploring the Great Barrier Reef from home

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a wonderland of underwater life many of us dream of visiting just once, but here’s a way to get there whenever you want.

Travel gifts for Christmas - Teleportal explore the Great Barrier Reef from home

Naturalist and documentary filmmaker Adam Cropp has created a way for anyone with a computer to drive a real-life submersible drone around the reef, finding Nemo and experiencing what life is like beneath the waves.

Normally reserved for marine scientists and professional recon teams, these underwater robots can dive over 100m down and is on a 100m tether, so you have a pretty big area to explore. And as these robots are solar powered, they’re environmentally friendly too.

Check out what we got up to when we had a go on Teleportal.

It’s amazing how close you can get to the wildlife and what you can see on the reef. It’s so much fun. You can even do night dives using the submersibles’ 4000 lumens lights.

Gift certificates available from $30, or you can set up an account in your loved one’s name and add credits that way!

2. Glenayr Farm, Mudgee – stay near town away from everything

Awarded Australia’s Best Tourist Town 2021, Mudgee in NSW is about to become the premier destination for everyone who loves amazing food and wine, beautiful landscapes and the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet.

Travel gifts for Christmas - Glenayr Farm Mudgee villa giant bed Travel gifts for Christmas - Glenayr Farm Mudgee villa rain shower

Glenayr Farm, just outside town, has two luxury villas at the heart of its 320-acre property with everything you need for a digital retreat. Including a fire pit, gas barbecue, kingsize bed, rain shower and best of all a wood-fire heated outdoor hot tub on the veranda, each villa offers the perfect country escape in absolute comfort.

Also on the property are four super-luxe bell tents with queen beds, and a homestead for bigger groups, so whether it’s luxurious romance in your own villa, high-end glamping or a party for you and your friends, this is the way to see the real Mudgee.

Travel gifts for Christmas - Glenayr Farm Mudgee glamping tents

Book your stay here.

3. My Sydney Boat – romance on the water

There’s no better way to experience the Harbour City than from the water. My Sydney Boat offers a range of experiences around Sydney Harbour aboard their beautiful 12-metre cruiser that can hold up to 10 guests.

From a 90-minute Champagne cruise to a 6-hour day of fun on the water exploring the waterways around Sydney with SUPs, kayaks and a floating lilypad at your disposal.

Travel gifts for Christmas - Sydney Boat Co

Check out the different itineraries and options here.

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