Top travel tip-off: Corrour Station, Scotland

Remember that scene from Trainspotting? When they go out into the Scottish countryside to that really isolated train station? Well that’s a real place. It’s called Corrour Station, , and it’s a bit of hidden secret – a diamond among the thistles.

Corrour Station Guesthouse 1Trainspotting 1996 collage

Our dear friend Jimmy, who heads back home to Bonnie Scotland almost every year, found this place as he explored the highlands of Inverness-Shire last year.

Corrour Station House is a hiker’s dream. It’s one of the most remote train stations, located on Rannoch Moor. What’s more, at 408m above sea level it’s the UK’s highest station and it’s surrounded by lochs and mountains and that striking Scottish highland landscape.

I have no idea how Jimmy came across this place – it’s so far from anything. It’s only accessible either on foot or by train – the nearest road is over 27km away.

Jimmy stayed the night in the Ossian Hostel down the way, but had dinner in the Corrour Station House Restaurant that night. It was then that he realised that there was accommodation there as well as what he told us was the best food he’s ever eaten.

And Jimmy knows good food: he spends most of his working life living in the club level Four Seasons in Sydney after all.

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Corrour Station House was taken over by a young couple – Ollie Bennett and Lizzie MacKenzie – in 2012. They renovated this iconic little station house from the hostel that it was into a beautiful four-room guesthouse. Each room has an en-suite bathroom and they’re usually booked out 4 months in advance!

Jimmy couldn’t get a room that night, but he’s booked up for next year. He stayed one more night in the hostel though. He changed his travel plans when he found Ollie, who’s a professional chef, working on something out the back.

“What’s that you’re doing there?” Jimmy asked.

Ollie was smoking his own salmon, caught in one of the nearby rivers, for dinner that night. It was a no-brainer for Jimmy, and there were no regrets from him for his change in plan.

We’ve tried hard to imagine the crisp, clean air, the incredible views; the pristine lochs, the impressive mountain scape, the enigmatic moors… even the photos we’ve seen don’t seem to do the place justice though.

Corrour Station collage 2

Corrour Station House Restaurant and Guesthouse

Opening times: Corrour Station House is closed over the winter months and the rooms are booked out a long way in advance. £100 per night (£70 for single occupancy) includes breakfast.

The restaurant: Open all day to residents of the guesthouse: 8.00am – 10.00pm. Non-residents: 6.30pm – 10.00pm for dinner.

Corrour Estate
By Fort-William
PH30 4AA

P: +44 1397 732236 / +44 7786 216 350
Fb: @CorrourStationHouseRestaurant

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This is definitely a bucket list place for us. What do you think of it? Are you a country escape or a city break type of person?

Images courtesy of Courrour Station Guesthouse.


  • Reply October 9, 2014

    Nick Deane

    What amazing pictures of Scotland and all the hidden gems off of the beaten path. Thanks for sharing a remarkable journey with us!

    • Reply October 10, 2014

      Mr Romance

      Hi Nick. Yeah, they’re amazing shots of Scotland, aren’t they? Wish we could take credit for them! Can’t wait to get over there and experience this little nugget for ourselves. Our friend Jimmy certainly loves it!

  • Reply March 10, 2017


    Hi Jim, is Scotland on the cards for you guys soon? Am heading over next year and always love your blogs :)) – so glad I found this, might watch Trainspotting this weekend – binged on Outlander last weekend ! gotta prepare myself 🙂

    • Reply March 12, 2017

      Mr Romance

      Hey Fiona! We’re actually coming back to Europe in the summer this year, so we may well make the trek up to Bonny Scotland. We’ve only been once before and that was a long time ago! We’d love to check out Corrour Station – it looks amazing, doesn’t it? So glad you enjoy our stories. Really appreciate your kind words.
      Jim x

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