30 Cocktails in 30 Days – Day 28: the Toblerone Cocktail

Mr and Mrs Romance - Day 28 - The Toblerone Cocktail Recipe

Day 28 of our 30 Cocktails in 30 Days Challenge: the Toblerone.

I used to get so excited when my dad came home from an overseas business trip. Yeah, it was good to see him and all that, but it was more about the delicious gifts he would bring home!

For Dad, business was business. He didn’t have time for souvenir shopping. Instead he would do what we all do and leave it till the very last minute to bring something back for the family. In those days airports were virtually built out of those giant Toblerones – they were the airport choc of choice – and Dad would always bring one back.

As a tribute to dear old Dad’s last-minute generosity – and to alcohol of course – we bring you the Toblerone cocktail. Its creamy, chocolaty, nutty deliciousness makes this cocktail taste like you’re drinking a liquid Toblerone.

So if your dad’s not heading back from an overseas meeting any time soon, get your Toblerone hit right here with this genius cocktail!

How to make a Toblerone Cocktail.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Day 28 - The Toblerone Cocktail Recipe

Here’s what you need:

For each drink

  • ½ measure Bailey’s
  • ½ measure Kahlua
  • ½ measure clear crème de cacao
  • 1 measure Frangelico
  • 1 measure manuka honey vodka
  • 2 measures of cream
  • Almond flakes and grated nutmeg as garnish
  • Double layer latte glass
  • Cocktail shaker, jigger measure, nutmeg grater

Here’s what you do:

  1. Pour the Bailey’s, Kahlua, crème de cacao, Frangelico, honey vodka and cream over ice into the shaker.
  2. Shake well to combine and chill all the ingredients.
  3. Strain into the latte glass.
  4. Grate the nutmeg over the surface of the drink.
  5. Sprinkle a few almond flakes onto the cocktail as garnish.

We also indulged in a couple of blocks of the real thing. We’d forgotten how bloody good Toblerone is!

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Images by Mrs Romance.

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