A Sydney Airport adventure and Kyoto comes to town

Sydney Airport - worth arriving early for

I must admit, things have been pretty quiet round here since our friends’ dog Indi went back home after their Japanese holiday. If you’ve ever had to pet-sit, you’ll know what I mean.

Even now – a week later – we’re still looking round wondering where the dog’s gone.

However, it has meant we haven’t had to sneak around quite so much anymore. Our apartment block isn’t exactly pet friendly and – as our lovely neighbour Jack warned us – we had to be careful not to let any of the building’s stricter residents see our little visitor.

What have we done with our rediscovered freedom?

This week we’ve got some very exciting news on an awesome travel collaboration and we’ve got a new Sydney restaurant we can’t wait to tell you about.

Plus my mum’s birthday today. Happy birthday, Jean!

We hope you enjoy this week’s IG Edition.

Cheers – Jim & Christina xx

Sydney Airport - worth arriving early for

We’re so excited about this announcement: we’ve been chosen as content ambassadors to Sydney Airport!

Apart from lots of travel, which is already so our disco, we get to talk about how much we (and especially Christina) love airports and – when you’re travelling from Sydney Airport – it’s #WorthArrivingEarlyFor.

We can’t wait to share with you more tips on what’s happening at Sydney Airport and some cool ways to maximise your time at Australia’s busiest travel hub.

Sydney Airport - worth arriving early for

Sydney Airport - worth arriving early for

As an introduction to our new role, we’ve been given special dispensation to go airside at Terminal 1 – Sydney’s international terminal – to check out the dining and shopping situations that are developing here.

It’s a serious job, but…

Sydney Airport - worth arriving early for

We can’t stay serious for very long! This is one of our favourite travel habits – we love having photos in these funny things! There’s usually one in every major airport too.

They can be hard to get down low enough to put your face in the hole though. I don’t think they’re meant for adults!

Sydney Airport - worth arriving early for - Kitchen by Mike Airside

It used to be pretty hard to find good food and coffee once you worked your way through security and customs in Sydney, but not anymore. Mike McEnearney of Kitchen by Mike fame has brought his culinary genius from Rosebery and Surry Hills airside to Sydney Airport. This means you can at last get awesome coffee and delicious seasonal food easily before take-off.

Kitchen by Mike is also available before you go through security too, so there’s now a perfect spot to have a bite to eat with loved ones before you fly.

Sydney Airport - worth arriving early for - Kitchen by Mike pastries

How good do these pastries at Kitchen by Mike Airside look? It’s one of those things that Mike McEnearney prides himself and his new airport branding on: being able to supply fresh, delicious food to travellers at a point when good food and drink are in the shortest supply but ironically most needed.

This will definitely be our first stop the next time we’re on the road… which hopefully won’t be too long away.

Sydney Airport - worth arriving early for - Kitchen by Mike cafe

Kitchen by Mike here at Sydney International Terminal is as determined to stay Instagram friendly as the previous iterations of the eatery.

How good does that fresh honeycomb look? And that’s a real woodfired pizza oven in the background.

Sydney Airport - worth arriving early for - shopping

I do love browsing the watches when I’m at the airport. It’s Christina’s fault: she started my watch obsession with her first ever gift to me.

If I had my way, I’d have a watch for each day of the year… though I don’t think I’d be so happy about the collection when Daylight Saving comes along!

Sydney Airport - worth arriving early for - Gucci

There are lots of little hidden benefits with shopping at Sydney Airport. Of course there’s the Tax Free bonus and the fact that all shopping done at the airport doesn’t actually count to either your travel or your domestic budgets.

At the Gucci store here though, they often have more complete stock lines than the stores in the city. And if you see something you love and they don’t have it elsewhere, you can have it held at this airport store for you to collect. Good, huh?

And at the Tiffany’s store at Sydney T1, you can bring your jewellery to the counter and they’ll clean it for free. Not a bad way to start your holiday.

Sydney Airport - worth arriving early for - perfume

The perfume section of the airport is always worth a look. The staff here are really helpful and the range of scents is awesome. Plus we love how T1’s been refurbished. Makes talking about the airport and taking photos of it much easier!

Though you have to be careful: there are lots of rules about what you can and can’t photograph here, which is understandable. So be careful if you want a picture inside an airport.

Going to the airport with a guide was so interesting. Because we weren’t travelling this time, we had to get a special pass to allow us through security, but it also meant we weren’t permitted to talk to anyone other than staff. So if you ever see someone at the airport with a visitor sticker, don’t talk to them. They could get thrown out!

We can’t wait to tell you more about Sydney Airport – and not only because it’ll mean we’re travelling again. There are so many cool tips the average traveller (us included) has no idea about. Watch this space (and places like our IG Stories) for more anytime soon!

Sydney Harbour Hair Romance

This evening we’re heading to the city for dinner at recently opened Kid Kyoto. Owner Sam Prince, the mastermind behind Mejico and Indu, has stretched out his culinary genius to the foodie delights of Japan.

And from the precedent set by the Mexican and Indian offerings of his other two establishments, we’re in for a real treat.

Visible from the street yet its entrance tucked away in the side alleys of Bridge Street and the Tankstream, Kid Kyoto is very much on brand with how things are in Japan.

And walking in, we’re greeted not only by the friendliness of the staff but also by an ambience that sets the tone. Somehow private yet open plan, relaxed yet formal, the finely-balanced paradox that is Japan shines through here too.

On the walls are graphic rock art posters, set against elegant chandeliers and rows of sake bottles. Our table is directly in front of the open kitchen (I love being able to look in to where the food’s coming out) and looks over the booths towards the front of the restaurant.

Inspired by his recent visit to Kyoto and its beguiling izakaya scene, Sam has brought the concept back with him to Sydney. The background music is all ‘80s and ‘90s rock and grunge, which is what Sam discovered was popular in Kyoto.

Not only is it designed to transport you to Kyoto, it might also take you on a trip back down memory lane… if you’re of a certain vintage.

The menus at Kid Kyoto are all music themed too. With ‘Intro’ for the starters, ‘Main Stage’ for larger dishes, ‘B-Sides’ for side dishes, ‘Encore’ for desserts and ‘Raw and Unplugged’ for sashimi, ceviche, tartare and alike.

Even with the help from our server Chris we can’t decide, so we go for the ‘Omakase’ menu, which means ‘leave’ in Japanese – as in ‘leave it up to chef’. This degustation style dining means you get a little less in each dish, but you get to taste more items. Plus we trust Chef Seb Gee to see us right.

We saddle up with a couple of cocktails. Christina orders the Kid Kyo-tini made with Kid Kyoto’s own special gin blend from Archie Rose, sake, fennel and edamame shrub and I go for the whisky-based Screaming Elf with edamame syrup, yuzu bitters and sandlewood.

It’s not long before the food starts to hurtle towards us from the kitchen. It’s a good job we’ve come here hungry!

One of the first dishes to come to us is this beauty: squid udon with tomato dashi sauce and fresh edamame. The squid is so perfectly cut and so fresh it’s soft, tender and delicious.

And doesn’t it look beautiful too?

We’re also treated to this medley bowl of wood-smoked mushrooms and walnut miso. This is such a delicious dish – delicate and fragrant, yet earthy and filling. I love the different textures from all the different types of mushroom too.

We’ve decided to go for the 10-course Omakaze because you get to try this: the wagyu sirloin with Red Hot Chilli Pepper miso. The beef is so tender you hardly need teeth to eat it.

As I mentioned, this is only a selection of the dishes of our Omakaze. The other 7 were just as delicious. You can see them all here on our Facebook video.

Kid Kyoto

17-19 Bridge Street

Kid Kyoto is definitely a place we want to come back to and try again. Apart from anything else the food is amazing. But Sam Prince has really nailed the Kyoto vibe here. And I’m not surprised that he’s fallen in love with Kyoto’s little bars either. Of our times in Japan, the nights we spent in the izakaya there are our favourite memories.

Sydney Airport - worth arriving early for

We hope you’ve enjoyed this IG Edition and that you have an incredible week.

Chat again soon – Jim & Christina x

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