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As they say, “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey…” but what if there are parts of that journey you’d prefer to be doing or thinking about something – anything – else? Coach transits and customs points, I hope you’re feeling guilty. Our good mate Carly from Crochet Coach (and Smaggle) has one of the best travel tips for those times – and the best travel hobby everyone should take up.

Guest post by Carly Jacobs from Crochet Coach

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Travel is amazing (obviously – that’s why we’re here talking about it!), but you can’t deny there are some seriously irritating parts of travel. Like when your flight gets delayed and you’re stuck in a terrible airport (I’m looking at you, Jakarta), your phone is flat and you can’t find an English language magazine in the whole joint.

What are you going to for the next few hours to stop yourself going totally crazy?

The answer is crochet, my friends. It’s one of the most portable, affordable and stress-reducing hobbies you can have.

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Here’s why crochet is the best travel hobby

1. Airport security probably won’t take your crochet hooks

I can’t guarantee airport security won’t take your crochet hook, but I’ve been crocheting for six years and I’ve travelled to the United States, Italy, Sweden, France, Germany, Indonesia and all around Australia, and I haven’t had a hook taken off me yet.

Knitting is great, but those sharp pointy needles sometimes don’t make it through airport security.

Tip: Don’t take scissors because airport security will almost definitely take them – pack a seam ripper instead. I always have one in my crochet case and I’ve never had it taken from me either.

2. You can buy yarn anywhere

Well, you can buy it almost anywhere. The hardest place to buy yarn I’ve found so far was Italy, and that’s because all the yarn stores were closed for the entire summer, but then most of the stores are closed in Italy for the summer. They summer very well over there.

If I’ve been to a place, I’ve bought yarn there. I’ll often go overseas with a project in mind and challenge myself to find the yarn for the project on the trip. It’s a fun way to get immersed in the culture of a place, and I’ve found amazing cafes and museums by seeking out a particular yarn store.

3. It’s lightweight

Shawls, slippers and little amigurumi toys are lightweight and take up almost no space in your luggage. I wouldn’t lug a giant blanket on a plane, but they’re great for car trips – I made most of an Afghan blanket on an 8-hour trip once. Time well spent.

You can also crochet while the plane takes off if you need a bit of a distraction and the airline staff won’t let you listen to anything on your headphones. It’s a lovely calming activity if you’re a bit of a nervous flyer.

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4. Crochet helps relieve travel anxiety

If you get particularly anxious while travelling, crochet is an amazing way to keep your mind and hands busy rather than sitting there stressing out. Crochet has got me off the ledge on several occasions when my travel plans have gone awry.

I can’t do much about a 3-hour flight delay except sit quietly and make something beautiful.

5. Crochet keeps you busy when you have bad travel days

Sometimes, when the weather is bad or you just aren’t feeling up to it, you need to sit and chill out for a day. Watching a movie in your hotel room or sitting in a cafe – crocheting is an excellent way to make downtime useful.

If you want to get started, you can join Crochet Coach here – there’s a free 7 day trial if you just want to try it out.

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Carly Jacobs is an online internet type person. You may know her as the productivity guru from Smaggle but Carly also runs Crochet Coach, an online crochet school and community. Aside from crochet, Carly loves being organised, Benedict Cumberbatch and goats.

And if you want to know a bit more about Carly, check out her take on romance here as part of our series exploring matters of the heart.

Do you have a travel hobby? What do you do to keep yourself from going mad on those mind-killing travel days? Are you any good at crochet? Tell us in the comments!

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