Short Break Packing tips with Expedia

Weekends away kick ass. There’s nothing better than fleeing the city or heading somewhere new for those two little days that make the rest of the week worth living.

Mr and Mrs Romance - He Said She Said - Sunrise 14

But with flight companies hitting you up for checking in luggage, your budget suffers and so does your enjoyment of the trip. Not to mention that weird non-queue that develops round the luggage carousel. It’s like farmers bidding on cattle at a market. Horrible.

Our advice: pack smart, pack light and only take carry-on bags away with you. It sounds hard, but it really isn’t. And unless you’re going skiing for the weekend, you can do it!

Mrs Romance recently featured in a video with fashion and beauty blogger Helen from Sassybella about quick packing tips. Check out their video here from Expedia.

Here’s the link to see this video in Expedia and to find more about the world’s largest online travel company.

And here are our tips for what guys need to pack in their luggage.

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