Mr and Mrs Romance on tour

I don’t think ‘excited’ really cuts it. Not for describing how Mrs Romance is feeling right now. Though if ‘excited’ describes someone who is dorky-dancing constantly and leaping from foot to foot, yammering away and not being able to concentrate on anything for longer than 12 seconds, then ok, Mrs Romance is ‘excited’.

Mr and Mrs Romance - travel - USA trip '13

Why is she excited? Well, tomorrow we head off on a three-week work trip that will take us to four major cities in three different states in the good ol’ US of A. We head to San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago and New York City, blogging all the way.

Mr and Mrs Romance - travel - USA trip '13 NYC

Mrs R is also set to meet with her publishers, her sponsors and all other kinds of important people, not to mention attend the Blog Her 2013 blogging conference.

Mr and Mrs Romance - travel - USA trip '13 flatiron

We’ve got lots of things planned for Romance Media while we’re away, so you should be as – if not more excited than Mrs R!

Mr and Mrs Romance - travel - USA trip '13 cabs

Here’s what we’ve got in mind: a write-up of a novice’s first baseball game when we go to watch the San Fran Giants, San Diego cigar bar tours, rooftop cocktail reviews in Chicago and a New York food extravaganza. Not to mention all the shops, sights and fashion we can find on the way. We’re also thinking a He Said, She Said of each city we visit.

So yes, it’ll be a lot of work, but don’t worry, we’ll make sure we enjoy ourselves!

Is there anything else we should be including on our trip? What would you like us to write about? Do you have any tips for us on our travels?

Images by Mrs Romance via Instagram – @hairromance

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