Romance in New York City – Sailing the Hudson River

Perhaps it’s because both myself and Mrs Romance come from islands that we love New York City so much.

Mr and Mrs Romance -Sailing in New York City

Okay so our islands are a bit different to Manhattan, but let’s not get caught up in details.

The important thing is we love New York. We’ve spent quite a bit of time talking about the best way to see this city – and there are a lot of options.

Strolling through the chaotic streets of the Big Apple is definitely one of the best ways to see this amazing island city. There’s nothing like that street level in-the-thick-of-it feeling.

If you want a bird’s eye view, head to one of the many tourist-friendly skyscrapers. Or if you’re Donald Trump, hop in a helicopter and do it in real style!

For us though, the most unique views of Manhattan were from the deck of a boat. Mrs Romance has wanted to sail the Hudson River for ages. She’s no sailor, but the words ‘cruise’, ‘sunset’ and ‘romantic’ in a setting like New York loaded her imagination.

Mrs Romance’s imagination wasn’t to be disappointed.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Sunset sails on the Hudson - NYC sailing

After a hot tip from Nikki from Styling You, Mrs R booked a sunset sail on the Schooner Adirondack. This 80-foot schooner sets sail regularly on the Hudson. She holds up to 42 guests so you never feel too crowded.

The cruise lasts for two hours and takes  you south along to the tip of Manhattan and out to get a closer view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. As we sailed out along the river – Manhattan on our left and New Jersey on our right – we drank in the views.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Yachts on the Hudson River - NYC sailing Mr and Mrs Romance - New York sailing

Talking of drinking, every guest is served a few complimentary beverages during the cruise. Choose from local craft beers, sparkling wine or soft drinks.

As we sipped our refreshments, the low-rise of the Meatpacking District and the West Village gave way to the towering skyscrapers of the money district and Wall Street. We finally came to Battery Park and the end of the island.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Sunset drinks on the Hudson - NYC sailing Mr and Mrs Romance - NYC views from the Hudson - NYC sailing

We headed towards Staten Island, passing the beautiful Statue of Liberty.

By the time we turned around and started on our homeward leg, the sun was perched on Lady Liberty’s shoulder, dipping towards the western horizon.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Yachts on the Hudson River - NYC sailing Mr and Mrs Romance - Sunset sailing in New York Mr and Mrs Romance - Sunset at the Statue of Liberty - NYC sailing

Ellis Island – historically more important but visually somewhat less dramatic – looked dark and industrial in the fading light. We wondered at all the people coming to America all those years ago. Seeking their dreams, a new life, a new world.

Manhattan looked amazing as we coasted back to port. The lights of the metropolis glimmered and sparkled in the night sky, and the sleepless city showed us her bright eyes.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Sunset reflections on the Hudson - NYC sailing Mr and Mrs Romance - Mrs R sailing on the Hudson - NYC sailing Mr and Mrs Romance - Sunset on the Hudson - NYC sailing

We docked back at Chelsea Piers with the rest of the evening ahead of us.

There are other ways to explore New York by water. The Staten Island Ferry, the Circular Line Ferry… you could even kayak if you wanted to. But this sailing cruise is definitely the best way to see the greatest city in the world.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Downtown from the Hudson - NYC sailing




The Schooner Adirondack sets sail from Chelsea Piers off West 22nd Street.

How much?

Prices will differ depending on the type of cruise. The sunset cruise was $64 per person.

Tickets are available online at

How long?

The cruise lasts for two hours and goes as far as the northern point of Staten Island, past Liberty Island.

What’s included?

Drinks are included but not food. On your way to depart at Chelsea Pier, stop in at the Chelsea Market to pick up a picnic for on board. We recommend stopping The Lobster Place for a lobster roll. Delicious!

Images by Mrs Romance.


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    Sonia from Sonia Styling

    What an awesome way to see an awesome city! Love this, thanks guys.

    • Reply January 14, 2014

      Mr Romance

      Thanks Sonia! It really is a beautiful way to see New York… in the summer though. Not sure how much fun it would be on deck in the middle of winter!

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    Sail New York

    Sailing is a great experience really. I have recently started sailing. New York is a great place for sailing. It is really nice place.

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