Revenge Travel Hit List – where are you travel dreaming?

Where do you want to go to get your revenge on travel bans? With prospects of easy travel still on a distant horizon, here’s some travel inspiration to get us all ready to make our travel dreams a reality.

Revenge travel - destinations inspiring our travel bug

It’s amazing what happens when you’re forced to stay at home, isn’t it. Your mind ferments huge bubbles of ideas of where to go and things to see that grow into full itineraries.

While we’ve been grounded, Jim and I have done a lot of this. And though it’s a painful to think how far out of reach these things are at the moment, we have created some pretty good travel goals.

Here are seven moments of travel inspiration to get your brain bubbling until you’ll be all but packing your suitcase to leave.

Our revenge travel hit list – 7 things we really want to do

The Kimberley in luxury

We’ve been to Australia’s wild northwest before, but sailing with Ponant from Broome to Darwin would be incredible.

On one hand, infinity pools, Hermes bathroom amenities and French-inspired menus with matching wines. On the other, zodiac adventures, expert guides and far-flung destinations that rarely feel a human footprint.

We also have an eye on the Galapagos or even East Antarctica with Ponant. The latter would be aboard their new Le Commandant Charcot – the world’s first luxury hybrid electric polar explorer.

Ponant Cruises Kimberley Australia

Image courtesy of Ponant

Southern Lights from the air

Seeing the Aurora has been on our bucket list since before we met – we even went to Iceland in the middle of winter to see them. It was cloudy.

So when we heard Park Hyatt Auckland has an experience where you can see Aurora Australis from the air, we were very excited.

It’s the crowning day on a four-day itinerary that includes catamaran cruises, glow worm caves, blackwater rafting, flying in to tour the Hobbiton film set and a spa day.

Park Hyatt Auckland flies you high above the clouds to see the flickering colours of the Southern Lights. The flight is fully catered, and you’re accompanied by expert astronomers and photographers too.

Follow the footsteps of shinto monks and samurai

From the mountains of Hokkaido in Japan’s far north to the tropical islands of Okinawa in the south, there’s just so much to see in the Land of the Rising Sun. But to have feet on the ground is the only way to really get to know these places.

Walk Japan offers guided and self-led multi-day hikes throughout the country, exposing visitors to ways and culture that most never get to experience.

We love Japan, so getting to know the country on such a personal basis would be incredible.

Walk Japan - explore Japan on foot hiking

Image courtesy of Walk Japan

Tahiti by sea

Everyone dreams of visiting Tahiti, but how about exploring this glorious French Polynesian archipelago properly?

In 2019, luxury brand Ponant added the good ship Le Paul Gauguin to their impressive fleet.

With a shallow draft, Le Paul Gauguin was custom-built to navigate the intricate waterways of these Pacific islands and reef-encased atolls.

Starting from the capital Papeete, Le Paul Gauguin sails to Huahine, Motu Mahana in Taha, Bora Bora then back round to Papeete via Moorena. All 165 staterooms and suites have water views, and 70% have private balconies.

We’re not thinking of this as a cruise, more like the ultimate overwater bungalow that travels with you!

Cherry blossoms in autumn

Sakura is one of Japan’s major tourist attractions and justly so. But for the most part, the trees only bloom like this for a couple of weeks in spring.

However, in Obara District of Aichi Prefecture, sakura happens much later in the year in autumn.

Mixed in with the beautiful pink and white clouds of flowers from the cherry blossom trees is the incredible flame and russet of autumnal leaves, making for a truly stunning spectacle.

Sakura cherry blossom autumn Aichi Prefecture

Image courtesy of Aichi Now

New Zealand’s most easterly point and the first sunrise

New Zealand’s North Island rarely gets the credit it’s due, and Gisborne and the Tairawhiti Region on the far eastern coast is a great example of that.

Seemingly on the very edge of the world, Tairawhiti’s East Cape Lighthouse peers over the Pacific waiting for each sunrise. In fact, due to its latitude and elevation, this rugged cliff with its bright white tower is the first place in the world to see the sun each morning.

Oh and did I mention Tairawhiti’s the Chardonnay region of NZ?

Revenge travel - Tairawhiti NZ

Image courtesy of Tairawhiti Gisborne

More of everything!

You might think this is a bit of a cheat, but we can’t wait to go back to some of our favourite places to see more of them.

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Revenge travel

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