Razorpit razorblade sharpener – shave yourself a fortune!

I hate buying razorblades. It’s so expensive it’s almost cheaper to buy a brand new razor – at least you get a few new blades with it.

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Mrs Romance sometimes buys them for my birthday or Christmas… yes, it’s an underwhelming gift idea, but it’s a pretty good stocking filler.

There is an alternative, however. And I think it’d make a pretty bloody good gift for Chrimbo too. The Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener. When I first saw it five months ago, I thought it was a joke or yet another scam gadget full of promises but really only creating more landfill.

I’ve been testing the Razorpit for the past five months and so far, I’ve been very impressed. It doesn’t really sharpen the blades of your razor. More, it keeps them sharp. It’s very simple and quick to use, and you do it every time you shave.

All you do is put a bit of shaving foam on the ‘pit’ after you’ve finished de-hairing, then push the razor along the flat surface a few times. The friction from the textured surface of the Razorpit cleans the particles of hair, and soap and skin residue from the edges of the blades. It’s the same process as when a barber strops the open razor to clean it.

It’s the residue on the edge of the blades that you think the razor’s blunt.

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As I said, I’ve been testing this for five months and so far I’ve only had to change blades once! And that was because I tried using shaving oil instead of soap. What a nightmare that stuff is.

Anyway, if you’re trying to think of something to get your significant other this Christmas or for a birthday, this is an excellent option.

Unfortunately it means Mrs R has to think up something else to put under the tree for me, but I’m sure she’ll think of something.

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You can get one of these little fellas online or possibly from a good pharmacy.

In Australia, they’re available in the Shaver Shop for $29.95.

In Europe you can go straight to the source at Razorpit.com for €25.

And if you’re in the UK, you can go to my favourite Man Cave site, Firebox.com for £19.99!

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  • Reply April 25, 2014


    Razor blade sharpeners are simply irreplaceable. I have been using them for ages and it saves so much money!

    • Reply April 27, 2014

      Mr Romance

      It’s remarkable, isn’t it, Daniel? I was really sceptical about how effective they are. Not any more!

  • Reply June 11, 2014


    I’m going to see about getting one of these. I use a Mach 5 razor for my regular shaving and it works good when the blade is new, but after about 2 -3 shaves the quality starts to suffer. I’ve tried stropping it on my arm which seems to help a little. It seems a device like this would let you get at it a little more than my arm likes.

    • Reply June 13, 2014

      Mr Romance

      Hi Jeff. Yes, I’ve heard stropping on your arm can work to a degree but it probably won’t get all the built up soap and skin residue off the blades. I’ve also heard that storing your spare blades in the freezer keeps them sharp too… but I think that might be a bit of an urban myth.

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