How to get from Provence to Pompeii – our 2-week European itinerary

Europe’s coastline is home to some of the most spectacular places on earth. We travel from Provence in France down to Naples in Italy to take in the Riviera. Here’s our 2-week itinerary.

Provence to Pompeii - 2-week European itinerary

Europe is such a beautiful place to travel through. Not only is the mix of cultures, scenery and climate a traveller’s paradise, Europe’s beauty is also in the ease you can travel between so many countries.

Mrs Romance and I love Italy and return as often as we can. And when we’re not there, we’re thinking about it.

We recently worked with Skyscanner, who set us the challenge to develop our dream 2-week itinerary in Europe. With so many places to choose from to visit on the Continent, it was a tricky question.

So following the old writer’s adage, we wrote about what we know.

How to get from Provence to Pompeii – an itinerary of the Riviera

The journey from Provence to Pompeii we’ve created takes in the beautiful sights of St Tropez and Nice in Provence, which we’ve written about a few times before, the mesmerising coast of the Cinque Terra in northeastern Italy, down to Naples, Pompeii and the exquisite Amalfi Coast.

As you can see, we’ve also given a bit of time to the Island of Capri, just off the coast of Naples. It’s not quite part of the Amalfi Coast but it’s so beautiful there, we felt it had to be part of the trip. I’ve never seen Mrs Romance more upset about leaving a place as when we boarded the ferry back to the mainland.

Here’s the story about our time on Capri.

As you travel down the coast of Italy, we’d also recommend heading inland too. There are some spectacular places to visit along the way if you have time. Tuscany is amazing – here’s our library on this beautiful part of the country.

The only place in our itinerary we included that we haven’t visited is the Island of Elba. However, friends of ours had their honeymoon there and said it was incredible. And besides, if it was good enough for Napoleon…

Here’s our itinerary in full on the Skyscanner, which has all the details of the trip, plus things to do, timings of each destination and photo inspiration behind the journey.

This challenge was part of a bigger project where we and 3 other travel bloggers put together our itineraries that span 10 countries through Europe. The results are fascinating – see the other itineraries here.

Where would you go if you had 2 weeks in Europe? Would you travel from country to country or would you stay in one place? Would you travel from Provence to Pompeii like this? Tell us in the comments!

Provence to Pompeii - 2-week European itinerary

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