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To lose yourself in a picture is to travel without moving. That’s what Photography Romance is all about: to inspire, to beautify and to create dreams.

Keep reading to see how you can get amazing discounts on these incredible photographs of the world.

Photography Romance - all the doors

Christina has always had a love and a gift for photography. She’s able to seek out good light and perfect angles with a sixth sense that only comes to the most talented of photographers.

And as you know, she also loves to travel.

Photography Romance shows off the sweet spot of these two passions, and her sister Mary – a talented interiors expert – brings the best of Christina’s travel photography to life for you.

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Christina and Mary have come together to create photographic prints perfect for any wall in any home.

The range of sizes and the two different styles – signature woodblock and high-quality paper prints – means there’s something here for anyone with excellent taste and a penchant for travel.

Photography Romance - Cuban door

Photography Romance – travel-inspired photography for your home

Mary – the brains and design behind Photography Romance – explains what inspired her to work with Christina to start this beautiful business:

“Creating Photography Romance has been a project I have dreamed about for many years. Seeing Christina’s photos after each amazing venture overseas simply blew my mind.

“Her photography makes you feel like you can actually hear the sounds of everyday life in the laneways, the beaches, the lakes and the buildings.

“You can look at one of Christina’s photos and see something new every time, even though you will swear you know every inch of the image.

“There is so much respect and love in each photo because travel is her absolute joy, so these are not just photographs, they are an expression of how each destination captures her heart.

“I know that people will love these as much as I do, and every time you walk past one on your wall, it will absolutely bring a smile to your face.”

Photography Romance - Puglia, Italy

There’s a certain quality of mystery about a great photo that leads you back to look at it again and again. And when that photograph is beautifully presented, it makes it even more striking.

Put that together with the place of love that these images have come from and you have something very special indeed.

A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know – Peter Gasser, photographer

The wonderful thing about Photography Romance’s site is that you can choose your favourite photograph and see it in situ in a mock-up room to give you an idea of what it would look like on your wall.

It also gives you specs and detailed images on the block mounting process and how that looks on the wall too.

Photography Romance - Puglia, Italy

Christina tells where Photography Romance came from and what these two amazing women do:

“Photography Romance came about after I gifted my sister some of my prints for her birthday last year. She’s often been behind some of the big ideas of our business, including the name Mr & Mrs Romance.

“She also is a whiz at interior design and decided on our signature woodblock prints. We use a fine art paper, rag photographique, and this is bonded to a wood board which is ready to hang, no framing required.

“But we also offer a range of custom prints in the same high quality art paper for you to frame to match your home. Mary’s eye has chosen the pictures from my vast collections from my travels and we started with 21 images – though Mary has an eye on many more for the next collection.

“My love of doors has sparked one of the collections but also my Italian travels and also to Istria where my family is from.

“If you’ve seen a photo on Mr & Mrs Romance that you love, we can provide a custom print as well so do get in touch at”

Christina and Mary are so excited to launch this extension of Mr & Mrs Romance that gives you a window into our travel photography library.

These images hang on our walls and we’d be honoured for you to put a piece of our travels in your home too.

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Photography Romance - Christina Butcher

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