Pav and Snapchat with the oldies, and cats on a donut

Every week when I sit down to write this post I wonder what’s going to come out.Mrs Romance and I scan through our photos of the week just gone to recap what kind of week it’s been.

It’s actually a great way we’ve found to remember the fun stuff that happens on a daily and weekly basis – and it’s always surprising how much happens and yet doesn’t really happen.

This week’s been quite quiet – especially because Mrs R has had a bit of a cold for a lot of the time. Also it’s still quite cold here in Sydney as we draw towards the end of winter. It encourages holing up, getting a good film on the TV and listening to the wind howl outside.

That being said, we still got up to some fun stuff this week – not least getting Mrs Romance’s mum to have a play with Snapchat. It’s pretty funny!

Enjoy this IG Edition and we’ll chat again soon

Jim & Christina xx

We’re at Mrs Romance’s sister’s place today to have lunch with a group of family friends that Mrs R’s folks have known for decades.

My mother-in-law can knock up the most spectacular pavlova. It’s a bit of a family party cornerstone and it’s weird when there’s not one on the table. She’s got it down to a fine art and even did this one a couple of wines in. What a legend!

She says she just follows the recipe, but I’m pretty sure there’s something else to it.

It’s so good when these guys get together. It’s not an uncommon sight to see Riccardo holding court; he’s very good at it! These guys have known each other for decades – literally grown up with each other.

Almost all of them are from Italy, and they all have very Italian names. When Mrs Romance first introduced me to them, she had to give me a cheat sheet on who was who!

These days I feel so much a part of this big Italian family – I might change my name to Giacomo.

Mrs Romance has introduced her mum to Snapchat filters. I think she quite likes it. We also got the rest of the group to have a go – but we’ve decided to keep those shots to ourselves. There were some pretty strange results!

We’re out on the water today – heading for the beach. Well, sort of. We’re going to Coogee to catch up with an old friend who’s just moved there.

It’s a beautiful day to be on the harbour, and the Bridge is looking mighty fine this afternoon.

It’s not a trip on the ferry unless you snap a pic of the Opera House. Even after 17 years of living here, I still love looking at this – one of the world’s most recognisable buildings.

We’re at our friend Rohan’s new place. Mrs Romance met him and me on the same street and in the same week in Paddington here in Sydney. None of knew it then, but it was to be the start of one of the strongest friendships any of us have ever had.

It’s also Rohan’s birthday, so knowing his love of kitsch, we’ve bought him a donut beach towel. He likes it, but perhaps not as much as the two beautiful Burmese cats he’s looking after at the moment.

I told you we’d known each other for quite a while! Mrs Romance spotted this photo of us on Rohan’s bookshelf. This was from around 2005! Crazy stuff.

Other stuff going on

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s IG Edition.


Jim & Christina xx

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