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What to do on Loch Lomond

What to see and do at Loch Lomond, Scotland

Straddling the boundary between the Scottish Highlands and the lowlands, Loch Lomond’s rare beauty and sheer vastness draws many visitors to its shores. But once you’re…

Wine & dine

Secret eats San Diego - Mr & Mrs Romance

7 secret eats San Diego, California

Every city has its places only locals know about. They often do the best food and are great value too. San Diego, California is…

Life & style

Curries, city escapes and Korean BBQ

This week has been pretty much our idea of a perfect week. Plenty of food, travel, catching up with friends and a stay-cation you’ve…

How to come home after a long journey - Mr & Mrs Romance

How to come home from a long journey

Coming home after a long trip – or even a 2-week holiday – can feel strange and alienating. Your home doesn’t feel quite as…

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Cuban food - why we owe Cuba an apology

Why we owe Cuba an apology

Cuba ticks so many boxes on an intrepid traveller’s list, but there’s one shortcoming we noticed the first time we visited in 2014: Cuba’s…