Is it Cocktail O’ Clock yet? The Toper’s Timetable

Do you ever get irritated by having to turn to your friend at the bar and ask them if they want a drink? And not just because it always seems to be your round but because the words just seem a little old and tired? The Toper’s Timetable has a name for your drink at any hour of the day.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Toper's Timetable - feature

Feel like a Fancy Smile? Of course you do; it’s just turned 8pm. Got a hankering for a Refresher? Absolutely. I mean it is 10am after all. Thirsty at 3 in the afternoon? Perfectly normal – you’re in need of a Cobbler.

The Toper’s Timetable, constructed in 1874, has a name for your drink no matter the time of day.

It’s also where the expression ‘Night Cap’ comes from; it’s the name of your drink at Midnight.

Here’s the full list, currently included in the cocktail menu at the critically acclaimed Hawksmoor Steakhouse in London:

Mr & Mrs Romance - Toper's Timetable

Mrs Romance is particularly fond of the idea of a Chit-Chat whereas I’m quite taken by the 10pm Sparkler.

The name ‘Toper’ was found in the etymological book A Derivative Diction of the English Language by the Reverend George William Lemon in 1783.

The word basically means ‘drinker’ but when you type ‘toper’ into Wikipedia, it redirects to a page about alcoholism. Doesn’t it feel great when the internet judges you?

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What’s your favourite on the Toper’s Timetable? Tell us in the comments!

Images courtesy of the Hawksmoor and by Mrs Romance.


  • Hmm, quarter past 10 – it’s definitely time for a Refresher. Tally-ho!

    • Reply July 3, 2015

      Mr Romance

      Nothing wrong with that, Beth! I’d even say you could call for a Stimulant while you’re at it!

  • AHHHH! This is so so so soooo cute! We’ve never tried an eye-opener before… maybe we should 😛 hehe! Sugar free of course! e + c

    • Reply July 5, 2015

      Mr Romance

      It’s great, isn’t it, Emma & Carla? Couldn’t resist sharing when Mrs Romance told me about it. Nothing wrong with wanting an Eye-opener – as they say it’s always 5 O’clock somewhere… though that would completely invalidate the purpose of this list, wouldn’t it?

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