High tea, a monster burger and attack by killer birds

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram Diary - 1 Title pic

It’s been another busy week for Mrs Romance and me. Plenty of things going on behind the scenes with Romance Media mean lots of great things coming up for you in the very near future. So keep your eyes peeled for news.

But it hasn’t all been hard work.

Our latest Instagram Diary’s all about an amazing high tea we had, an enormous burger lunch we had and a night of killer birds! Well, a film about it anyway.

Enjoy our latest Insta Diary. Hope you have a great week.

J&C x

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram Diary - 3 Sydney dawn

This morning I’m up at dawn for some reason. It’s the first time I’ve noticed how far the sun’s moved in the sky – it’s a sign the summer’s coming to an end. It’s very beautiful, but it’s also very bright. Going to make getting back to sleep very tricky!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram Diary - 2 bar at The Greens N Syd

The bar at The Greens North Sydney‘s newly revamped café and restaurant is awesome. We were here a week or so ago and we’re still using this wall as drinks-piration!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram Diary - 4 Fattay Burger from Cafe Ish

We’re out to lunch with our mate Steph from LipstickAndCake.com. She’s been away for ages, so we’re on the hunt for a big burger to make up for lost time.

I think this should do the trick!

This is the Fattay from Milk Bar by Café Ish. It’s a beauty, isn’t it? Triple American cheese on double beef flame-grilled patties, onion rings, jalepeño, lettuce, local bacon, special sauce in a house-made milk bun. There’s also a deep-fried cheese-filled jalepeño stuck on top!

I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to get through this. However, the whole thing does squish down to an almost biteable size… I managed anyway. And that’s all you need to know!

We also had a plate of amazing loaded fries (loaded with shredded slow-cooked beef brisket) and delicious tempura style onion rings.

If you’re feeling very hungry and you’re in Redfern, definitely check this place out.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram Diary - 5 high tea with Cristina Re

This evening we’re in the Sofitel Wentworth in the city to celebrate the launch of Cristina Re’s new line. From her amazing illustrations and stationery lines, Cristina has developed this crockery set ‘To Paris With Love!’. It’s now being used for the Sofitel’s high tea.

We’re excited to meet Cristina and hear about how her line has grown over the last 20 years. The Sofitel’s high tea is excellent too – up in the Garden Court Restaurant. Highly recommended.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram Diary - 6 Mrs R has a new haircut

Mrs Romance has come back from the salon with another new look today. I don’t mean she’s got two heads though – this is a clever mirror image effect she’s done. But you knew that, didn’t you?

No, this is another great cut and colour job by her hairdresser Stevie English.

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram Diary - 7 breakfast

Mrs Romance has treated me to a bit of toast for late breakfast this morning. We’ve recently got a new toaster and we’re enjoying the novelty. Mrs Romance’s latest creation is delicious: cream cheese with blueberries and fresh spearmint.

The spearmint is from a bush Mrs R found round the corner from our house. It’s about as fresh as you can get!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram Diary - 8 ferry ride to town

This morning – apart from Mrs Romance’s delicious breakfast – was a horrible start to Sunday. Thunder, rain, wind… but now look at it! The sun’s out and we’re on a ferry to the city. Perfect timing!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram Diary - 9 Golden Age Cinema

We’ve made it to the Golden Age Cinema and Bar for a drink and a movie. The Golden Age shows classic films in its tiny cinema. It’s in the old Paramount Pictures building where the executives would view pre-screenings.

The bar here is excellent too. The skilled staff can knock up an excellent cocktail. We’ve gone with wine this afternoon though. A glass of Handpicked Wines rosé is the perfect choice for such a hot, humid day. But now to the main event…

Mr & Mrs Romance - Insta Diary - 9a The Birds

It’s the first time I’ve seen Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds all the way through. Mrs Romance on the other hand isn’t as keen to watch this classic. It’s not that she has a phobia of birds – though she doesn’t like moths much at all.

The film’s a lot of fun though – the special effects have stood up pretty well all things considered. The acting’s a bit dodgy though, and the ending is a bit abrupt (no spoilers, don’t worry). The best thing is the general atmosphere in the cinema. It’s a fun, relaxed feeling… apart from when the birds attack!

Mr & Mrs Romance - Instagram Diary - 10 icre cream van

On the way home through Hyde Park, we’ve spotted this awesome ice cream van. It’s a cracker, isn’t it?

Hope your weekend was a good one. Tell us what you got up to in the comments below!

Images by Mr and Mrs Romance via Instagram: @MrAndMrsRomance, @HairRomance, @Christina.Butcher – Mrs R’s Insta account and @AngryBastard of course!


  • Reply February 23, 2016


    That little ice cream van is adorable! Hope you tried the ice cream as well 🙂

    • Reply February 24, 2016

      Mr Romance

      We didn’t this time, Jaylene – had to hurry for a ferry. But I’ve got a feeling we’ll be back hunting it out. There’s always room for ice cream!

  • Reply February 26, 2016

    Aunty Sue

    Hi J&C, we are hosting a rugby and grub afternoon evening tomorrow for the England vs Ireland game in the Six Nations. I’m thinking hot dogs with plenty of sauce, mustard and of course fried onions for half time and then an old classic like coq au vin later on as that can all be prepared early on and cope with a long slow cook.
    That burger looks amazing! Enjoy the cooler weather. Love to you both. Aunty Sue X

    • Reply February 27, 2016

      Mr Romance

      Hey Aunty Sue! Sounds like you’ve got a busy one ahead of you. Makes us wish we were there though. Very jealous of all your guests. I remember when Nan would make me hotdogs for lunch when I stayed with her. Great stuff! Have fun – and come on England!

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