Where To Watch The Sunset On Hamilton Island, Queensland

Rising in the midst of the Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island in Tropical North Queensland is the perfect spot for a romantic break. To top it off, here’s where to go for the most spectacular views of the sunset over the water.

Palm Trees at One Tree Hill on Hamilton Island Queensland

I’ve always been a fan of the window seat on a plane—for a few reasons. But when you’re flying to Hamilton Island Airport, having a view makes all the difference.

From the air, the emerald sight of the Whitsundays archipelago and the shapes of the glimmering Great Barrier Reef from the pearlescent sea raises the pulse of even the most hard-bitten, jaded traveller.

You also get a perspective of Hamilton, girt by white beaches and smothered in natural bushland.

In fact, over 80% of this 7km² island is untouched, which offers a lot of bushwalking opportunities for keen hikers.

The only other way to get around—apart from the shuttle bus that runs the resort circuit—is by electric golf buggy. There are no cars on Hamilton Island. You can hire a buggy for the day for up to four days at a time.

Where To Watch Sunset On Hamilton Island, Qld

The best part of being on an island is that, even though you’re on the east coast, the Hamilton Island sunset is over the water.

There’s nothing quite like watching the brilliant burnished orange orb of the sun dip slowly into the sea. Even more so from one of the best vistas on Hamilton Island.

One Tree Hill on the north of the island is a popular spot for visitors to come and watch the sunset.

Because it’s elevated, you can see for miles around across to other islands and out to sea. As the sun begins to set, the whole sky lights up gold and deep orange.

There’s plenty of space to sit on the grassy slopes of the hill to have a picnic. Alternatively, the little bar here—creatively One Tree Hill Bar—is open from 3.00pm till 7.30pm-ish and serves a whole range of drinks from beers to ready-mix house cocktails.

Grab a table and enjoy the sunset from the little deck.

I’m not entirely sure why it’s called One Tree Hill though. Surrounded by swaying palm trees, firs and other evergreens, the trees here frame the views out to the magnificent sunset beautifully.

Sunset at One Tree Hill on Hamilton Island QueenslandBar at One Tree Hill on Hamilton Island Queensland

Getting To Hamilton Island

There are direct flights to Hamilton Island Airport—the only island airport in the Whitsundays—from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

You can also arrive by boat to Hamilton Island. Transfers run from Port of Airlie with Cruise Whitsundays and take about an hour.

Where To Stay On Hamilton Island

There are hundreds of places to stay on Hamilton Island. From holiday homes and apartments to beachside hotels to private ultra-luxe spa resorts.

We stayed at the Reef View Hotel, which has over 360 rooms of all types. Our King Coral Sea View Room was huge—big enough for not one but two king-size beds, a reasonable balcony and all the usual comforts of a 4-star hotel.

From the Reef View Hotel, it’s about a 15-minute walk up hill if you don’t have a buggy. Alternatively, the free shuttle bus goes up there too.

The walk back down hill is much easier, and that’s as much to do with gravity as it is the memory of the incredible sunset you’ve just witnessed extinguish into the Coral Sea.

We visited Hamilton Island as media guests but our experiences and opinions remain our own.

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