Dive into 7 of the world’s best swimming pools

Growing up in England, the only swimming pools I knew of were the municipal ones, full of verrucas and floating Band Aids – and the outdoor one of my preschool.

Bucket list hotel pools from around the world - Mr & Mrs Romance

That’s right, my preschool had an outdoor pool. In England. Teachers would make us children learn to swim in this horrible chlorine-rich soup in the middle of winter. It even hailed once when I was in there!

On the other hand, everyone in Australia has a pool. It’s been quite a culture shock for me moving here. It must have been the same when Mrs Romance came to live in the UK with me too.

Now we live in an apartment block with its own indoor pool and spa. Guess what: we hardly ever use it!

Anyway, here are some pics of the most amazing pools I’ve ever seen!

1. Anantara Dhigu Resort, Maldives.


2. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland


3. Amanzi Resort, Phuket, Thailand.


4.  The Hotel Caruso in Naples, Italy.


5. Hotel Villa in Honegg in Switzerland.


6. Skye Suites, Sydney

Skye Suites Sydney Kent Street pool and spa

7. And to finish up with, this is Parinee Ism, Mumbai, India.

It’s currently in its design and development stage, but how cool would a pool balcony be?!

And here are 5 fun facts about pools I thought you might like!

  • The highest manmade swimming pool is at the top of Hong Kong’s International Commerce Centre. Part of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the pool is roughly 1,600ft (490m) off the ground.
  • A 50m Olympic swimming pool requires 2,500,000 litres to fill it. That’s enough water to fill… an Olympic swimming pool.
  • The world’s highest and therefore most terrifying waterslide is in Beach Park, Fortaleza, Brazil. It’s 14 stories (41 metres) high and the lunatics who ride it can reach a bum-blistering 65mph 104kmph.
  • The San Alfonso del Mar in Chile is the most expensive swimming pool in the world – big enough to sail boats on it, the project cost over $2 billion to build… and they’re planning on making it bigger!
  • The world’s scariest pool is called Devil’s Pool. It’s a naturally occurring pool on the brink of Victoria Falls, one of the world’s largest waterfalls, in Africa. Swimmers can bathe in the relative safety of the pool as thousands of tons of water rush over the ledge 128m into the great Zambezi River below.
Images credited from Pinterest – check our Pinterest page for more things we’ve found and other pics we’ve taken ourselves!

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