Couples’ Massage – make your partner fall in love with your hands

When did the request for ‘a quick shoulder rub’ become such a chore? When we first got together, I’d regularly offer – yes, offer – to give Mrs Romance a whole body massage!

Melt - get your massage mo-jo

These days, far from a remedial rub-down, and even further from the romantic oil massage of old, the thumbs-in-the-back prodding that often ensues as a result surely can’t bring Mrs R any pleasure. She graciously says thank you afterwards, but I’m sure she doesn’t mean it.

Perhaps it’s because Mrs Romance’s massages are – at best – uncomfortable. She admits it herself that she’s not the best masseuse. She also gets bored really quickly, so any kind of massage is short and not very sweet.

I’ve tried to show her what to do, but’s never really worked out. Finally someone’s here to help me – us – get our back-rub mo-jo back to its former glory.

Emma and Denis Merkas are the owners of Aussie start-up Melt: Massage for Couples, and it’s brilliant. These guys are also the brains behind, a site dedicated to bringing the romance back on a budget.

Denis is a qualified remedial massage therapist with 13 years’ experience, so he knows his stuff. And Emma is a relationships expert and professional columnist, so with his practical skills and her theoretical knowledge, there’s plenty for couples to learn.


In the videos they’ve filmed, which you view through an account on the Melt website, Denis shows you tips for setting up the massage area and goes through the massage oils to use. Then he takes you through some basic massage techniques and develops your skills so you can build up your own 5, 15 or 30 minute massage routine.

When I first heard about a couples’ massage video, the filthier side of my imagination (sadly the majority) went straight to the gutter. But this is far from that. Denis is candid about the potential for funny business, but he makes good on his promise to keep the tutorials clean and is always professional – thought he does point out moments of opportunity for “a little somethin-somethin”!

The videos are very well-made and beautifully shot, and I like the way Denis explains things that makes me – as a guy – feel more comfortable and even enthusiastic about giving Mrs Romance a romantic massage.


The e-course is available for instant access from 1st May, 2014 for as little as $1 under Melt’s ‘Pay What You Want’ launch campaign – but you know it’s worth more than that! Similar online courses go for as much as $200, so this is a bargain whatever you pay.

What’s more, Denis and Emma are donating 20% of every sale to White Ribbon, the world’s largest male-led movement to end men’s violence against women, which is even more reason to make your next date night a Melt massage highlight!

If you still don’t believe me, here’s an intro vid of Denis doing his thing:

Melt: massage for couples

Do you still give your partner a massage or is it more of an occasional squeeze? Tell us in the comments!

Images and video courtesy of Emma and Denis Merkas at Melt: massage for couples.


  • Reply May 1, 2014

    Sophisticated Mumma

    Mr and Mrs Romance, you must be reading my mind this week. Firstly with the Onion Bhaji recipe and now with the massage. I’m a trained beauty therapist so I know a thing or two about massage and it’s benefits. Sadly myself and my man fall into the trap of rolling the eyes up whenever either of us request it. He even bought me a neck massager to save him the hassle! I’m afraid if I watch the videos I might get jealous! On a serious note, it’s a great idea!

    • Reply May 2, 2014

      Mr Romance

      Ha ha! Perhaps I have been reading your mind… no, don’t worry. I haven’t! I know what you mean about the massage thing – I have to be in the right frame of mind to want to give a massage, but every now and then, Mrs R gets her timing right!
      I think the good thing about these videos is that they lead you through the various steps and make it accessible to guys as well as the ladies.
      Emma and Denis have been quite clever to bill this as a good stay-in date night thing to do as well. That usually appeals to blokes (it does me) rather than forking out a fortune for a meal, just try out some of these massage moves instead. Better than sticking a film on – it’s a bit different and much more romantic.
      Good luck with it if you do try it though!

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