Our ultimate boozy Christmas gift guide

Sometimes hunting high and low for that perfect Christmas gift is a total waste of time. Sometimes all it takes is the right bottle of alcohol. Here’s our ultimate boozy Christmas gift guide to help you decide.


I recently asked my mates what they like getting for Christmas. Their answer: “booze is always good.”

Providing you’re not shopping for a pregnant lady or someone who doesn’t drink, alcohol is the ultimate safe option. But there’s no need to be lazy about it.

From local wine and beer to small batch spirits and handcrafted glassware, there are so many amazing things in the beverage realm. The choices in front of you are almost endless.

For that very reason, I always think I’m quite easy to buy for when it comes to Christmas. Of course, Mrs Romance doesn’t agree, but I really do love getting booze and alcohol-related presents.

To prove my point, here’s our ultimate boozy Christmas gift guide to give you some ideas on what to get the significant quaffer in your life.

Our ultimate boozy Christmas gift guide

The greatest cocktail book we’ve ever written!

Of course I’m kicking off our list with this – it’s our cocktail ebook How to Host the Perfect Cocktail Party.

We’re very proud of this ebook, which comes with step-by-step photos and instructions of some of our absolute favourite cocktails. It also has some great party tips we’ve learnt from hosting cocktail parties over the years – from what booze you need to stock to theme ideas and catering.

Download it here, then print it up or save it to a USB. It makes for a great inexpensive present.

Australian small batch craft spirits with Nip of Courage

If the person you’re buying for likes rare or handmade craft spirits, they’ll love Nip of Courage.

Nip of Courage is the distribution company behind several of Australian distilleries that are producing world-class gin, whisky and rum. We can’t get enough of these 100% Aussie owned outfits and their stunning spirits.

Check out the Nip of Courage shop here

The Aussie Tipple Company Pozible campaign - Dry Martinis

Nip of Courage has also started a new product under the name of The Aussie Tipple Company, which is creating a range of bottled cocktails using these amazing Aussie craft spirits all ready mixed to perfection by pro cocktail mixologists.

You can read more about it and what’s going on in our post here.

Get your significant other involved by investing for them in this genius crowdfunder here

Get bubbly with the House of Arras

If you’re looking to give the gift of sparkles this Christmas, you should definitely check out what the House of Arras from Tasmania is producing.

The range of incredibly high quality sparkling coming from this Aussie winery is amazing. From the easy-drinking Brut Elite NV Cuvée to the sophisticated Grand Vintage and the delight of their award-winning sparkling rosé, we’re big fans of this brand.

You can find House of Arras in all good bottle shops.

Mr and Mrs Romance - House of Arras wines

Say it with cognac – Cointreau Noir & Remy Martin VSOP limited editions

These Christmas limited edition sets are perfect gifts for your beloved imbiber. I love a box set. I’m a total mug for it – and if it’s a limited edition one, even better. These two limited edition box sets come with their own glasses too and are the perfect addition to any home bar.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Cointreau Noir gift packs

Mr and Mrs Romance - Remy Martin gift packs

Cointreau Noir is a clever mix of cognac and their own delicious orange liqueur. It’s great in cocktails or on its own over ice – think chocolate orange with a hint of herby dryness. I’ve never seen this product before and am very excited to have a play with it.

As for the Remy Martin VSOP, you can’t go wrong when you’re looking for a beautiful, sophisticated cognac. I’ve been a cognac fan for years – especially if there’s a cigar involved – and Remy is always top of the bill for me.

Available at selected independent retailers.

Get crafty and stay local

With so many microbreweries creating some incredible beer these days, finding one local to you has never been easier. The latest one we’ve heard of in Sydney is Sauce Brewing Co.

These guys are so new, they’re still waiting for their Marrickville brewery to be finished! In the meantime, they’re doing what’s called gypsy brewing – borrowing some space from a friend’s brewery and making their goods there for the time being.

And what goods they are! Currently producing 3 different beers – their Hop Sauce pale ale, their Mega Hop Sauce double IPA and their Saucy saison.

Unique, hoppy, and full of flavour and gusto, these beers are exactly what I want to be drinking this Christmas.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Sauce Brewery

Unless you’re in Sydney, finding Sauce’s beer might be tricky. If you are in Sydney though, use their nifty beer finder to locate your nearest Christmas gift shop!

If you want to give more range, why not create a local craft beer pack as a gift? Ask at your local bottle shop for craft beers that are from your local area or region.

The best of the summer wine – Scarborough Wine Co

Our favourite family-run winery, Scarborough in the Hunter Valley, is the perfect choice for a wine gift, especially in the Aussie summer.

This 2nd generation winery makes beautiful Chardonnay that’s put us back in love with this wine variety. Also their delicious Semillon and Pinot Noir are perfect for hot weather.

Mr and Mrs Romance - Scarborough wines

Here’s more of what we know about the Scarborough family and the Hunter Valley as a whole: the ultimate Hunter Valley experience.

You can find Scarborough wine in all good bottle shops – or head to one of their two beautiful cellar doors in Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley.

Amoretto with style – limited edition Disaronno

The perfect gift for the lover of fashion and an amoretto sour, this bottle of Disaronno will really stand out on the shelf.

Each year, Disaronno collaborate with different couture fashion houses to bring a unique look to their unique spirit. Since 1981, when the collabs first started, Disaronno have worked with the likes of Versace and Roberto Cavalli.

This year, you’ll find special limited editions of this beautiful almond liqueur wearing Etro, and the paisley inspiration from this brand is clear to see. This project is in support of the UN sponsored Fashion 4 Development charity, which is a great cause.

mr & mrs romance summer drinks - Disaronno Etro bottle 2

This limited edition bottle is available within Australia from selected retailers including BWS, Dan Murphy’s, First Choice, Vintage Cellars, Liquorland, and quality independent retailers.

Riedel glassware

What’s the point in having beautiful booze if you’ve got nothing to drink it from? For wine, you can’t go wrong with Riedel glasses. We were given this Vinum tasting set a while back and we love them. Believe it or not, different glass shapes genuinely change the flavour of your wine.

They also amazing decanters and even spirits glasses, though I really love my Denver and Liely whisky glass. It’s a handmade Australian product though you have this shipped to anywhere in the world.

Riedel glassware is available across the globe in good bottle shops, departments stores and gift shops – even charity shops if you’re lucky! 

Give the gift of knowledge – wine-tasting lessons

Wine classes make amazing gifts. It doesn’t really matter if you’re buying for a wine connoisseur or a vino novice, there’s always more to learn. It’s just a case of picking the right level of class.


We had a lesson at the Sydney Wine Centre and learnt so much.

If you don’t know where the nearest wine class to the person you’re buying for is, ask a good independent wine shop nearby or look on Red Balloon.

Choosing a whisky

When Mrs Romance buys me whisky, I’m in heaven. It’s the perfect gift for me and has become a staple for my Christmas and birthday.

If you’re not sure which one you should be buying, don’t be afraid to ask the person. It’s better to be sure. However, we have written about the differences between different whiskies from around the world, which will make your decision easier.

Here’s how to choose a whisky.

Mr & Mrs Romance - whisky - feature final

Good luck with your Christmas shopping and we hope we’ve helped with these ideas. Here’s to a good Christmas!

Do you have any recommendations for boozy buys? What do you like to receive in the alcohol department on special occasions? Tell us in the comments below.

Images by Mrs Romance using an OM-D E-M5 mark II Olympus camera.

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